Riding Club NOWA Vyšší Brod

Got some free time? Want to do a little sporting?
Want to explore undisturbed nature?


E-mail :

Mobil :
+420 602 840 979

Address :
Ing. Břetislav Wajtr
Na vyhlídce 348
382 73 Vyšší Brod
Telephone :
+420 380 746 522
Fax :
+420 380 746 522
(fax redirected to mobile phone
after advice)

WWW : www.nowa.cz

At Riding Club NOVA in Studánky
(from Český Krumlov, across Větřní, Vyšší Brod, direction to the border and in Studánky take a left at the rider sign - about 300 m)

After telephone arrangement practically anytime, but mostly every day from 10:00to 14:00; training even possible in the evening with lamps.

ATTENTION! If you make arrangements by telephone, you won't arrive to find out that we've taken off for maybe three days on horseback.

trips to nature, long and short, slow and fast, depending on the riders' experience
trips into Šumava for one day, with or without lunch
longer trips into the Šumava, for example to Český Krumlov, around Lake Lipno, to Hluboká, to Třeboň, etc., arranged to fit your personal tastes, like from sleeping outside in a sleeping bag, across village lodgings up to three-star hotels
training for beginners, children, and experienced riders - English style riding
hunting rides („fox hunting") - Hubert, New Year's rides, and lots of other events

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