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 JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., administration building with factory in the background

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JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s.
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The manufacture of paper has had more than a 300-year tradition in the Český Krumlov area. The beginning and early tradition of the first Český Krumlov paper-mill goes back to 1572, later Hynek Spiro bought the Pečkovský mill below Větřní and built a pulp mill which was progressively expanded. JIP Paper-mill of Větřní, a.s., has always had a very good reputation and been one of the largest producers of press and wrapping papers in the Czech Republic.

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., administrative building

We meet every day !

A wide range of its production ranks JIP Paper-mill of Větřní, a.s., on the top in the branch of paper manufacture in the Czech Republic. It has always been an instrument of dissemination of culture and level of education, and has been going through our life quietly and reliably.

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., operation

Paper-processing machine No. 7 mostly manufactures high quality smooth papers destined for gravure printing and offset printing of colour magazines, so-called SC papers. They are successfully sold in the Czech Republic and bought by customers from all over the world as well. Smooth print papers and greaseproof papers are manufactured on paper-processing machine No. 4. The production of wrapping papers manufactured on paper-processing machines No. 6 and 8 also represents a significant part of its production.

The company regularly appears among the best companies on the ranking list CZECH TOP 100. It has achieved great awards in competition Exporter of the Year and got a testimonial according to the rule EN ISO 9000.
JIP Paper-mill of Větřní, a.s., is entering the 3rd millennium as a very reputable company. They capitalize on the traditions, standard quality and solid trading partners. It represents a very trustworthy paper-mill company to its stockholders.
These days the company is being restructured. They have set a goal to simplify and narrow the product structure, strengthen business and raise the volume of production.

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., view from the river  JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., view from the Vltava River

 Harmonious cohabitation

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní ,a.s., is situated in a very nice countryside, only 5 km distant from the town of Český Krumlov. The good coexistence with its surroundings is one of the top aims. It can be mainly shown and seen in investing into the environment protection. The Paper-mill of Větřní, a.s., historically ranked among the biggest environment contaminators. The ecological activities of the company and manufacture changes have reduced the environment destruction, especially the atmosphere in the region and upper flow of the Vltava river. Nowadays the company fulfils all required rules that limit and control the environment.

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní a. s., aerial view

JIP Paper-mill of Větřní, a.s., also contributes to quality life in its closest surroundings as well as the whole region. Amateur sportsmen and artistic ensembles can do their activities thank to the company sponsoring. Some social and humanitarian activities, projects regarding historical monuments, cultural events being held in South Bohemia cities, popular with home and foreign public, are also subsidised.


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