Wilhelm von Rosenberg

(1535 - 1592) Aristocrat, diplomat and politician

Wilhelm von Rosenberg, life-size portrait, Charles Louis Philippot, 19th century
Wilhelm was one the most significant members of his family. He came into politics very soon, taking over the custody of the family estates at 16 years old. He chose the Český Krumlov castle as his residential seat and he ordered it renovated into a chateau in Renaissance style. He also took care of the economic development of his estates. He had a very good regent, Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany. Wilhem was a tolerant Catholic, even though he established a Jesuit college in Český Krumlov at Horní No. 154 street. As the highest royal officer in Prague, he served the emperor Maxmilián II. and the emperor Rudolf II. von Habsburg as a diplomat. He was married four times but did not have any children from any of his marriages, and for this reason his brother Peter Wok von Rosenberg took over the custody of his estates when Wilhelm died. See also Renaissance magnate Wilhelm von Rosenberg.


Wilhelm von Rosenberg, portrait as an adolescent   Ex libris Wilhelm von Rosenberg with Rosenberg Rider and Wilhelm's credo   Wilhelm von Rosenberg, portrait from his prime
Wilhelm von Rosenberg, woodcut of coat-of-arms


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