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Kostelní No. 162
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PaedDr. Alena Švepešová

The Elementary Art School in Český Krumlov with its long-standing tradition (the Town Musical School was established in Český Krumlov as early as in 1780) ranks among the significant subjects of cultural events in town. It became a center of art education where 774 children and young people in the age from 6 to 18 study presently with a leadership of 33 pedagogues. The major task of School is to provide the widest range of gifted children with a basic technical education in the field of music, art, verbal art and art of gesture, and help them to come of age at the same time.

Kostelní no. 162, facade above the Vltava River

The subject study of Music (530 students) is the most popular among children. One of 19 musical instruments to study is to be chosen. At School there are: String Band with the Director Bohumil Novotný, Choral Corps Krumlov called Little Bears, Lentilky, Preparatory Corp Brumlíks and a girls´ chamber choir with the Choir Master Lukáš Holc, Mgr., Pupils Brass Band with the Conductor Pavel Havlík and several small chamber corps. The School organizes approximately 16 public appearances annually and 4 gala concerts in the Town Theater in Český Krumlov and Hotel Růže Český Krumlov. The students present their art over the course of various occasions in the context of the Český Krumlov region, like for example opening days of exhibitions, graduation balls or other celebrations. A girls´ chamber choir along with the foreign music school of Slovenj Gradci gave two swapping concerts (string orchestra) this year. The Child Choral Corps cooperates with the best local child's choral corps only. A summer camp for choral singers is organized annually by the Musical School for the most ardent singers.

The name of the Elementary Art School Český Krumlov appears more often on a list of awards from national and international competitions. One of the most successful pupil is Kristýna Waldová, 9, from Jitka Benešova´s class. She has participated in 7 competitions (5 international). In July 2000 she won first prize in a competition Prague junior Note 2000 held in Prague, and was awarded for a unique interpretation of the composition called Furianti (Boasters) by Zdeněk Fibich. Apart from it she also won the prize of The Czech Music Fund for the best performance of the modern composition called Tajná jeskyně (Secret Cave) by J. Koreš. In the autumn 2000 she reached the final in the prestige world competition Steinway held in Hamburg (Germany). At the age of eight she won first prize in the category up to 11 years old participants. In February 2001 she won first prize in the international competition Amadeus held in Brno, and was awarded for the best performance in I – III category. In April 2002 she won first prize in the national competition held in Pardubice, and became an absolute winner of the whole competition.

The second subject of study with the most students at the Elementary Art School is Visual Arts (166 students) with an education in graphics techniques, modeling, painting and applied art. On an annual basis the exhibitions of student's masterpieces are implemented once or twice to the rank of professional's exhibitions in the Krumlov Galleries. It refreshes all visual art admirers with the spontaneous and soft charm of juvenile expression. The quality of education is evaluated here by many awards. The prize of Lidice Rose is regularly received for ceramics collections. Some of the children's masterpieces were awarded in Denmark and even in India. Another activity of the visual arts place of the Elementary Art School is the manufacture of lively scene sets for the theatrical performances of Krumlov Amateur Theater.

 Kostelní no. 162, front facade

In the Literary-Dramatic subject of study (44 students), the students go through the basics of verbal, creative, dramatic, gesture and puppeteering arts. Handicapped children can be creative there as well. Scenes and prepared players give great atmosphere to the gala concerts of the School to the Krumlov prestige ball and amuse children from nurseries.

The dancing ensemble (34 pupils) became an inseparable part of the music school during the short period. Performances of dancing ensembles led by Marta Begovičová enrich Christmas programs and closing concerts.

In addition to pedagogical work, the teachers of the Elementary Art School are active in cultural events of the town. Each little citizen from nursery school up to the 4th grade of elementary school goes through musical education via a formative concert cycle composed by teachers. Approximately 1,700 children are involved annually. Many teachers join chamber choirs and the string orchestra, and often represent the town of Český Krumlov abroad.

One of the teachers' tasks is to greatly affect students technical skills of a chosen art subject of study as well as to help young people to be more cultured and grow up with a sense of beauty and the ability to feel and protect artistic values. This fact is quite optimistic for our town, rich in history.

In June 1997 the School received the Award of the Town of Český Krumlov for its richness and variety of cultural events.

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