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The Ultramarathon runner Zdeněk Přívratský (44-years old) has entered the list of well-known Sport Personalities in Český Krumlov. His domain is an extremely severe run on a more than 100 kilometer distance. For example: stage competitions in desert or mountainous areas, 24-hour runs, etc. His placement in the very challenging Sand Marathon in the Sahara is considered to be one of the most significant successes of this runner. He came in 21st among 360 participants. That competition is 230 kilometers long and has 6 stages, and in the course of the event the participants run with a backpack including an entire set of equipment. The 3rd position in the Himalayan Sikkim Rhododendron Marathon (7 days, 7 races) at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level is considered his next success. The seven-day stage competition in New Zealand belonged to the range of his planned events for 1998.

Zdeněk Přívratský   Zdeněk Přívratský

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