Important Visitors to town and chateau Český Krumlov up to the year 2000

Part of the prestige of the town of Český Krumlov today has also become the number of renowned personalities who have made personal and professional visits to the town. Whether they be from the Czech Republic or from abroad, be they members of aristocratic European families, diplomats, political representatives, representatives of various social or cultural institutions, or whether they came for one of the many congresses or seminars held in the town, their visiting schedules are often quite busy and counted by the minute. Even so, they can't be allowed to miss the best that the town has to offer - most of them walk through the historical center of town and, of course, include the castle with its unique Baroque Theatre.
In recent years many important personalities have visited the castle and town of Český Krumlov. Český Krumlov has become a highly sought after place where visitors can admire a truly unique comprehensive complex of historic monuments dating from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Evoking the irresistible atmosphere of Renaissance Europe and possessing a fantastic "genius loci" the town is an overpowering attraction to today's visitors. Such an honour as well as the interest of both experts and the general public oblige us to conserve the historic values of the town in its original structure and detail. The town is a suitable place for meetings and stays of many visitors, whether students, tourists eager for knowledge, or personalities of European diplomacy and aristocracy.

February 7At festive opening of event Thousand days for Europe attended as a guarantor Jiří Lobkowicz and cultural attaché of Greek Embassy Dimitrus Tsabourakis as representative from the first presented country of European Union
March 6ambassador of Republic Italy Paolo Faiola with wife came to support another part of event Thousand days for Europe
Ambassador of Republic Italy His excellency Paolo Faiola with wife
March 20In afternoon hours was in city council held meeting with minister of education Eduard Zeman
March 29Papal nuncio Giovanni Coppa took part at discussion Italian meditation
April 7The first secretary of French Embassy Mrs. Caroline Vinot started another month of Thousand days for Europe dedicated to France
April 17-19As guests of owner of hotel Růže visited town members of Guinea Pig Club - former pilots, wounded in fights of WW II., rehabilitated in East Grienstad hospital
April 26City council welcomes ambassador of Cuba
May 1Chairman of consultative folk meeting of Indonesia Amien Rais visited unofficially Český Krumlov
May 22-26American officers and lawyers lectured 32 Czech officers about Legal aspects of peace operations
May 31President of Estonian Republic Lennart Meri accompanied by Minister of defense Mr. Vladimír Vetchý
June 5ambassador of Austria Klas Daublebsky was another personality who visited the town due to continuance of event Thousand days for Europe
June 10Ambassador of Czech Republic at European Council Jiří Mucha accompanied lord Russel Johnston, chairman of parliament of European assembly, who was interested in situation of Romanies
June 14Association for Atlantic cooperation entertained the chairman of Atlantic commissions admiral Poulain
July 18During opening of exhibition of Latvian traditional art appeared in folk costume the ambassador of Latvia Aiji Odini
July 19Vice minister of culture of Peoples Republic of China Li Yuanchao
August 26From vacation in Italy came to Českého Krumlova unofficially Swedish royal couple Karel XVI. Gustaf with wife Silvia; royal pair visited chateau as regular tourists and also attended recessional sportive event World Championship of tyre sail from hole to hole, they were recognized by German tourists at terrace of restaurant Barbakán
Swedish king Carl XVI. Gustav with wife during unofficial meeting with Zdena Flašková - II. World championship of tyre sail 26. August 2000, photo: Milan Holakovský, Deníky Bohemia
September 2About problems of Romanies cared delegation from parliament of European assembly
September 29In Mirror Hall at chateau organized Czech Atlantic commission together with Association for Atlantic cooperation a conference called Safety policy in Czech Republic - reflection of state after entering the NATO
October 19Vice mayor of town welcomed the minister without portfolio Karel Březina, who was interested in activities of Information center Český Krumlov, Psychiatric sanatorium in Červený Dvůr etc.
February 25Twenty officers of foreign armies of NATO visited not just military base SFOR in Vyšný and training area Boletic, but also the historic town
March 13The third time visited town the Ambassador of Indonesia Leonard Tobing
April 1Gain experiences in process of connecting into peace missions tried six high military representatives and minister of defense of Latvia Girst Kristovskij
May 12President of Latvian Republic Guntis Ulmanis accompanied by minister of culture of Czech Republic Mr. Milan Dostál
May 15Guest of vicar Václav Pícha was cardinal Joachim Maisner, archbishop in Koln; who made a wish to attend to service at church in Kájov
June 12During preview of exhibition of art pieces of Andy Warhol and Eva and Jan Švankmajers in Egon Schile Art Center spoke the chairman of Czech Republic Senate Libuše Benešová
Ambassador of USA in Czech Republic John Shattuck, photo: Lubor Mrázek
July 23-25Ambassador of USA John Shattuck was interested not in monuments but visited also European informative center and SFOR base
July.7.From Country party accepted the invitation of town and Lipno area Ambassador of People Republic of China in Czech Republic
August 10In Mint of chateau Český Krumlov have met 15 Bulgarian journalists the press officer of town, director of European informative center and representative of Informative center of foundations over the project of European Union Communication at government level
Chateau Český Krumlov, visit of Chinese Ambassador Yang-Peng, 1999, photo: Lubor Mrázek
September 20Visit of chateau including gardens and chateau theatre attended delegation of Bavarian assembly after negotiation with representatives from ministry of inner affairs and representatives of town
October 14Chateau and other monuments were admired by Polish Ambassador in Czech Republic Marek Pernal
October 20President of Irish Republic Mary McAleese visited accompanied by minister of justice Otakar Motejl not just historic center but also regional court
October 27As guarantor of event Thousand days for Europe, which opening was planned for February 2000, introduced himself vice chairman of party Unie svobody Jiří Lobkowicz
January 24Negotiation of delegation from Croatian Umag with representatives of town about closer relation between two cities
February 11Ambassador of Philippine Carmelita Rosa Salas at opening of exhibition about Philippines in Jiho
March 14Negotiation of delegates at the conference of "European assembly social development fund" - representative Vlasta Štěpová entertained parliament members from 22 European countries
March 17.Short private visit made also secretary of German ministry of denfense Klaus Rose
April 6In city council was welcomed Austrian state secretary for foreign affairs Mrs. Bonika Fererra-Waldnerová with husband
April 22Accompanied by vice chairman of Constitutional court of Czech Republic JUDr. Ivana Janů arrived to Český Krumlov member of South African Constitutional court Richard J. Goldstone with wife
April 24Representatives from Croatian Umag negotiated about town partnership and introduced to Krumlov inhabitants their brass music, cheerleaders, promotional materials, beer and liquor
May 1Fedora´s 5th anniversary celebration, meeting of the Friends of European Opera
May 6Gabriela Beňačková, recital in the Masquerade Hall of the Český Krumlov State Catle and Chateau, acceptance of the award Classic 97 of the Czech Musical Fund
May 15Representatives of the Foundation Information Center (ICN) Prague, sponsorship evening in the context of the Support for the Nonprofit Sector Program
May 25 - 27Delegation from town Corn Island from Nicaragua negotiated with representatives of towns Gouda (Holland) and Český Krumlov about cooperation and exchange of experiences
May 29Austrian Chancellor Viktor Klima
May 31Two day visit of General secretary of World heritage towns (part of UNESCO) Marcela Juniuse
June 2Visit of the representatives and patrons of the American Craft Museum
September 13Visit of Californian senators
September 13Information center of foundations Prague and other organisations opened in Mirror Hall of chateau project strengthening and development of civic society in regions of Czech Republic
September 21Minister of culture of Czech Republic Pavel Dostál visited Zlatá Koruna and Český Krumlov, during his visit he was interested in problems of cultural institutions
October 1Three day seminar of NATO Membership - The Way to Stability, organized by Association foe Atlantic cooperation attended by mayors, ambassadors, representatives of politic and economic life from Europe and overseas
October 12Norwegian ambassador in Czech Republic Mette Konsheim with husband continued in Nato seminar held during her last stay in Český Krumlově
October 23Krumlov region visited Minister of education of Czech Republic Eduard Zeman, he spent in Český Krumlov afternoon hours
November 6During celebrations of 5th annual of Egon Schieleb International cultural center (today Egon Schiele Art Centrum) participated also (as in past) ambassador of Austria in Czech Republic Petr Niesner with wife
April 24Her Excellency American Ambassador Jenonne Walker
May 23100 members of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art New York headed by president Ronald Lauder
August 1Her Excellency American Ambassador Jenonne Walker and Caroline Strassinger
September 4Ms. Madeleine Korbel Albright, US Secretary of State
September 12Her Excellency American Ambassador Jenonne Walker
US Secretary of State Ms. Madeleine Albright

January 425 members of Metropolitan Opera in New York
January 16President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel and Czech Minister for Defence Vilém Holáň
February 1His Excellency Australian Ambassador Jonathan Thwaikes
March 15His Excellency Canadian Governor-General Roméo LeBlanc with his wife
His Excellency the General Governour of Canada Rómeo LeBlanc, 1996

March 1738 presidents of national organizations of the federation FIJET (journalists writing on tourism)
April 16Her Excellency American Ambassador Jenonne Walker
April 18His Excellency South African Ambassador Thomas Langley
April 22His Excellency Indonesian Ambassador Leonard Tobing
May 3 - 5representatives of ROTARY Club South from Vienna conducted by Czech Minister to Austria Pavel Jajtner
May 8Norwegian Ministress of Culture Aase Kleveland accompanied by Czech Minister of Culture Pavel Tigrid
June 5 - 6group of diplomats operating in Austria : Polish Ambassador Wojtech Wieckowski with his wife, Slovakian Ambassador Mária Juriková with her husband, Hungarian Ambassador György Tatár with his wife, Czech Ambassador Bedřich Kopecký with his wife
June 14Her Excellency American Ambassador Jenonne Walker
July 17 - 19His Excellency Israeli Ambassador Raphael Gvir with his wife and daughter
July 18 -19ten-member delegation of Austrian town association headed by general secretary Dr. Erich Pramböck
July 29deputy of Upper-Austrian district administrator, Austrian Minister of Economy Christoph Leitl and managing director of RaiffeisenBANK Ludwig Scharinger
August 15His Excellency German Ambassador Dr. Anton Rossbach
September 11commander of NATO in Central Europe general Dieter Stöckmann
September 22speaker of House of Commons of British Parliament Madame Betty Boothroyd, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland His Excellency Sir Michael St. Edmund Burton with his wife, private secretary of the speaker Nicolas Bevan, personal assistant of the speaker Roseane O´Reilly and second secretary of British Embassy in the Czech Republic Charles Hay
Speaker of the House of Commons of British Parliament Madame Betty Boothroyd, 1996

September 25Chief of the Czech Republic Police Oldřich Tomášek
October 15Slovene Minister for Defence general Jelko Kacin
October 22Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of Finland general Johan E.B.G.Hägglund with his wife
December 6executive director of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art New York Carol Coffin, wife of the president of the Egon Schiele Foundation Carol Lauder
January 26Chief of Belgium's army Staff lieutenant general Joseph Chalier
February 10Chief of Armed Forces Staff of USA in Europe Richard Francis Keller
May 17Their Majesties Karel XVI. Gustav and Silvia, the King and Queen of Sweden, accompanied by the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic Pavel Tigrid
Their Majesties Karel XVI. Gustaf and Silvie, King and Queen of Sweden

May 31His Excellence French Ambassador Benoit d´Aboville
July 4Norwegian Minister for Defence Jorgen Kosma
September 12Netherland Minister for Defence Joris C. Voorhoeve
September 14Supreme Commander of American Land Forces in Europe General William Cronch
September 22Bulgarian Minister for Defence Dimitr Pavlov
September 25President of the Board of Chiefs of American Armed Forces Staff and advisor to President Clinton general J. Shalikashvili
September 27member of the American Constitutional Court Lord Leonard Hoffman
September 30Hungarian cultural delegation from Budapest
October 9President of Lions Clubs International William H. Wunder
October 11Commander of southern wing of NATO general Biagio Rizzo 11 representatives of the foundation Human in Crisis in presence of EU administrator in Mostar H. Koschnik and manager of foreign policy department at the office of the president Dr. Seifert
March 28Czech Minister of Culture Pavel Tigrid
April 1820 military attachés accredited in the Czech Republic
April 26members of cantonal parliament in Zurich
May 20ambassadors of 25 countries and representatives of organizations at permanent mission of UN in Vienna
August 8delegation from canton of Berne
August 9Canadian Minister for Defence David Collenette
August 26the wives of Ministers of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, the wife of the Czech Minister of the Environment
September 6President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel
September 7Belgian Minister for Defence Leo F. W. Delcroise
September 8cultural advisor of Spanish Embassy Itiar Taboardo
September 9representatives of World and European Union of Sports Police Organizations
September 20Norwegian Minister for Defence Jorgen Kosma
October 7Ministress of Defence of Finland Elisabeth Rehn
October 12Her Majesty Queen of Denmark Margerethe II., and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik accompanied by Czech Minister of Culture Pavel Tigrid
Her Majesty Danish Queen Margarethe II., 1994

April 8President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel
President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel, 1993

September 7delegation from Reikjavik, the capital of Iceland headed by the chief architect Thorvald S. Thorvaldsson
September 96 members of the Group of French-Czech Friendship of the French Republic Senate headed by Speaker of the Group Gérard Gaude
October 8German Minister for Defence Volker Rühe
October 30His Excellency Spanish Ambassador Roberto Bermúdez
November 5Austrian Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Rudolf Scholten His Excellency Austrian Ambassador Dr. Peter Niesner His Excellency German Ambassador Rolf Hofstetter
December 1Latvian Minister for Defence Valdis Pavlovkis
December 7Minister for Defence of Swedish Kingdom Anders Björck
April 26member of the British Royal family Princess Margaret
December 23His Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales
Her Excellency the US Ambassador Ms. Jenonne Walker, 1992

December 1Her Highness Spanish Princess Kristina

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