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 Volleyball club Český Krumlov, Martin Šubrt receiving
Contact :
Mgr. Jan Vobr
Plešivec 357
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone, Fax :
+420 380 711 592 (business)

Telephone :
+420 380 729 141 (home)

Mobil :
+420 602 342 653
Mgr. Dalibor Carda
Plešivec 388
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone, Fax :
+420 380 711 296 (business)
Telephone :
+420 380 728 803 (home)
  Mobil :
+420 602 968 716

Activities: Progress and Organizing of Volleyball
 Volleyball sport club Český Krumlov, support of team Michálek slams
The Volleyball Sports Club is responsible for complex volleyball player training in the Town of Český Krumlov. In cooperation with the Elementary School Za Nádražím in Český Krumlov and the House of Children and Youth in Český Krumlov, it provides the following activities: Preparatory Classes (third - fifth grade) and Standard Sports Classes (sixth - ninth grade) that participate in the so-called Mini-volleyball competitions, Regional Championship of Older Schoolgirls, Cup of Three Regions and in the International Tournaments in Belgium, Austria and Slovenia.

The Volleyball Sports Club in line with the sports classes guarantees the training and performance of youth and adult groups. The club ranks among the top in the Republic in student and adult dategories in women's leagues. Qualified trainers are an indispensible part of the club's line-up (3 certified trainers, 5 II. class trainers, 5 III. class trainers).

The former ball-passing Champion Romana Jedličková - Kumpochová, who was guest player in 1997 - 1998 season in the Special-Division Club VK Liberec, is the most important member of the Club. During 1998 she played for national team friendly matches as well as matches of European league. In 1998 - 99 she played for Slovak team VK Senica, with what she won bronze medal from Slovak Championship. Along with Lucie Růžková - Václavíková, they entered the Beach Volleyball Championship of the Czech Republic of 1997 and took 9th position and in 1998 they ranked on 3rd position.

In the 1997-98 season the young players Ivana Návarová and Michaela Adlerová were entered in among the junior representatives. In season 1998 - 99 Andrea Sládková entered Czech junior team.

The Club disposes with three clay courts and a facility with dressing rooms and refreshments. Since 1997 one court has existed for beach volleyball. The groups play the Championships of the Republics Matches on a wooden floor of a gymnasium belonging to the Elementary School Za Nádražím in Český Krumlov.

Championship Games :

Women's teams :
Older Schoolgirls:District Championship 1st place and advanced to National Championship
Juniors:A team - National Championship 7th-8th place
 Group B Regional Championship - 2st place
Older Juniors:Regional Championship - 2nd place
Women:Group A National Division - 8th place
 Group B Regional Championship 2nd Class
 Group C Regional Championship
Men's teams :
Students:do not participate in championships
Older Juniors:Regional Championship - 3rd place
Men:Group A National league 8th place
 Group B Regional Championship
 Veterans Regional Championship

Sports Places :
Volleyball Complex located on Chvalšinská ulice: 3 clay courts, 1 court for the so-called beach volleyball,
Cloakroom facility: 4 dressing rooms, toilets (men, women), 2 washrooms, refreshment - cafeteria, 2 storerooms, workshop, office, parking place
Telephone : 00420-337-2635

Gymnasium :
Volleyball Sports Club does not have one in its property, it is available from the Elementary School Za Nádražím in Český Krumlov, playing floor space of 34 x 17 m, the height of 7,5 m, wooden floor.
Telephone : 00420-337-2108

Members : 312 players
46 men, 58 women, 6 junior men, 51 junior women, 42 schoolboys, 109 schoolgirls.

Important Events :
Český Krumlov Miniseries - 5 Tournaments in Mini-volleyball
Date: from October until March
Sports Place/Gymnasium of the Elementary School Za Nádražím Český Krumlov

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