Flag of Town Český Krumlov

Flag of Town Český Krumlov
On 14. June 2001 was given to Town Český Krumlov a new flag by the chairman of Parliament of Czech Republic Václav Klaus by his decision No. 62.

The old green-white flag used till then was not heraldicly correct, and so it had to be replaced. New shape came from colors at valid historic town symbol, which last look is given by emblem privilege of Jan Kristián of Eggenberg, published on 15. April 1671. The flag got its final shape after a small modification in order to distinguish it from flag of town Hodonín.

There are 3 vertical stripes on new flag, in proportion 1 : 4 : 1. In the middle of white stripe is red rose with yellow seed and green petals. Proportion of width and length of flag is 2 : 3. The size of central rose is not given exactly, but committee for heraldry and vexilology recommends to use a rose of size of one half or two thirds of flag width.

The visit of Portuguese president Jorge Sampio in Český Krumlov. Situation in front of Town hall during meeting in office of town's Mayor, photo: Lubor Mrázek

For first time could one see the flag during Celebrations of Five petalled Rose and since then it is installed at Krumlov City hall during all important events.

On Tuesday 14. August 2001 officially handled over the chairman of Parliament Václav Klaus a decree about using of flag of Town Český Krumlov to hands of vice mayor Miloš Michálek. This act was held in Parliament in hall "State acts". Since then can everyone display new Krumlov flag. There is no restriction for doing so.

The Chairman of Parliament Václav Klaus handles over a decree about using a flag of town Český Krumlov into hands of Vice mayor Miloš Michálek, 14. 8. 2001 Festive toast after the decree about using of flag of Town Český Krumlov was handled over. In the right is Chairman of Parliament Václav Klaus, in left the Vice mayor of Town Český Krumlov Miloš Michálek, 14. 8. 2001

Who wants to have the own flag can contact an authorized producer :
LIBEA s.r.o.
Za cukrarnou 534
463 11 Liberec
E-mail : info@libea.cz

In contrast to using a flag there are restriction for using a Town symbol. To use the symbol one must still ask the assembly of Town Český Krumlov.

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