Český Krumlov Artists' Union

The Český Krumlov Artists' Union (Umělecká Beseda Český Krumlov - UBČK) is a voluntary, non-political, independent association of natural and juristic persons who perform, support or organise art and culture in favour of Český Krumlov. The fundamental aim of the UBČK is mutual co-operation of the members, regular exchange of information, gaining financial means for cultural development, participating in the representation of Český Krumlov and the support of talents. Currently the UBČK represents its members at collective negotiations, especially with public service and autonomy authorities, artistic agencies, copyright protective unions and so on. The UBČK is divided in these special sections :

architecture and conservation of monumets

The seat of the UBČK:
the building of the Town Theater
Horní No. 2
381 01 Český Krumlov

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