Places of Interest in Český Krumlov

The inclusion of Český Krumlov onto UNESCO's List of Natural and Cultural Heritage was undoubtedly a turning point in the modern history of the town. The act of including the town itself sent a clear signal to the rest of the cultural world that South Bohemia has something unique to offer. The town, once a seat of the aristocratic families of Rosenberg, Eggenberg, and Scharzenberg, has now made a name for itself in the minds of the travelling public mostly by the honor of such visitors as Princess Kristina and the successor to the British throne Prince Charles. After 1992 the idea of building a cultural and congressional center was accepted by the town administration, thus confirming the direction of the town's orientation towards tourism.

Vltava River under the Český Krumlov Castle loaded with boaters, foto: Lubor Mrázek  Český Krumlov Castle, Plášťový (Cloak) Bridge, tourists observing the solar eclipse of 11. August 1999, foto: Lubor Mrázek

The present-day town of Český Krumlov welcomes about a million visitors yearly to také advantage of over 400 yearly cultural events. Other than the now-renowned music festivals, the town also offers for example the Egon Schiele Art Center, activities of the Czech Ceramic Design Agency, and the unique Castle Baroque Theatre, not to mention the exceptionally interesting architecture of the town, in which hundreds of individual houses breathe with rich history. Sociological stucies have shown that the visitor to Český Krumlov returns year after year - how could anyone possibly absorb all the history and culture that the city has to offer in one visit? The present renown of Český Krumlov is also certainly attested to by the visitors of representatives of European royal families and several international congresses and seminars.

Český Krumlov, Festival of the Five-petalled Rose, torches lighting up the square at night, foto: Libor Sváček  Tour of underground graphite mines

The town does not wrap itself only in its rich history. Today the town is represented by the Centre for Atlantic Cooperation and several other organizations focusing on world-level activities. The town itself can look forward to such a future, as day by day we are improving services to visitors so that everyone can enjoy the unrepeatable atmosphere of a town which, today, is refining a relationship between the past and the present.

Český Krumlov Castle, view from the western side, foto: Lubor Mrázek  Český Krumlov, second meander of the Vltava River, areal photo, foto: Lubor Mrázek

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