Vision of plan of strategic development of town Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a town with adequate industrial production aimed on smaller companies, with developing crafts and building. It brings to life tradition of historic craft production. Quality system of shops and services fully satisfies needs of inhabitants and visitors of town even during seasonal fluctuation. Town supports private businesses and employment in region.

Town supports construction of flats, provides plots and rents social flats. It minds joint development of historic center, block sites and suburb, which are pleasant environment for their inhabitants. Český Krumlov is reachable by safe communications, it offers quality system of parking with adequate capacity. Town ensures transport service to the whole area including the city mass transport. Engineering nets are being finished and modernised.

Český Krumlov, meanders of the Vltava River, areal photo, foto: Lubor Mrázek

In basic system of pre-scholastic and scholastic institutions minds town also minority and disabled children. Wide offer of quality education complement new types and conceptions of education (eco-education). Functional system of social care creates conditions for fulfilled life for all generations. Big attention is paid to good relationship between all ethnics. Quality and fully available health care are foregone conclusion.

Travel industry is still important part of city life. It is positively regulated in order not to disturb pleased life of inhabitants. Český Krumlov is a center of culture, nature and congress tourism thanks to integration of town to projects of tourism development in Czech Republic. As prosperous town plays its active role in region, Czech Republic and even in Middle Europe. It is seat of the international institutions.

Monuments are intensively protected in order to preserve unique historic character of town and their legacy to the next generations. Withal are monuments sensitively used for quality tourism.

Rich and attractive offer of culture and civic events satisfies inhabitants and visitors not only during the main tourist season. Locals and visitors of Český Krumlov can use adequate amount of public recreation institutions.

All economic and civic events are provident toward environment and monuments of town. Limitation of emissions to minimum together with efficient using of energy resources help to solve quality of air. Town ensures separation and liquidation of waste, cleaning and precise arrangement of public greenness.

Greater independence of town in making decisions strengthens greater responsibility of all parts of self-government. Public is being in-time and correctly informed about activities of municipal corporation, it has its opportunity to tell its opinion and by this take an active part in development of town and its vicinity.

Český Krumlov is friendly and safe town for its inhabitants and visitors.

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