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The year 1989 represented a turning point in a field which had been up to then controlled strictly by the state. Communal politics experienced a substantial change due to the democratic elections which brought representatives of various ideological orientation to the level of local government. Dialogue was introduced on the level of communal policy making, and after many years the opinion of the majority was allowed to replace the monologue of the past which used to be dictated from Prague for all municipal authorities. Since 1990, then, it has been the democratically elected representatives who are now responsible for all the troubles and joys of the town. In Český Krumlov there are 23 representatives who elect from among themselves a town council consisting of 7 members, who in turn subsequently elect the town's Mayor and Vice-mayor.

Panoramic view onto Český Krumlov (aerial)

The town is administered by the Municipal Authority which serves as an executive tool of the local government representatives. This administration also manages institutions completely owned by the town which provide services necessary for the day-to-day functioning of the town, e.g. communal cleaning services, heat supplies and management of municipal housing facilities. The major change for the administration of Český Krumlov has been the enormous real estate acquisitions by the town after the fall of the communist regime. This has naturally brought more work to be done and at the same time allowed more independence, which the town of Český Krumlov exercises perhaps in every sphere of communal policy. This of course provides the greatest opportunities for municipal representatives in the modern-age history of this country.

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