Educational Center for Children and Youth Spirála
(prevention emergency consulting center)

Spirála, Center of instructional care for children and youth in Český Krumlov Address :
Špičák 114
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 712 426

Open :
Monday - Thursday :  8:00-18:00
Friday :  8:00-15:00

Have you gotten yourself into trouble?
Do you feel unhappy, ill-humoured, anxious, oppressed?
You don't know what to do?
Have drugs interfered with your life?
Do you need to understand yourself as well as others and find your position in life?
Do you want to get along better with yourself as well as with others?
Has anything happened to you that you worry about or don't know how to cope with?

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The purpose of the organisation is ambulant, special pedagogical and pedagogical-psychological complex care of youth with negative behaviour and the aim is to help such endangered individuals and groups to adapt and integrate fully. It also participates in social prevention - preventive educational effect. The organisation operates in the town and entire district.

Staff structure :
Manager, special educationalist
special educationalist, ethological worker
social worker

Among others, the activities of the center are diagnostics, guidance, ambulant supervising, individual, family and group psychotherapy. Field trips to call on clients who would have trouble to get to Český Krumlov, weekend and holiday stays for endangered youth, peer programme Spirála. The range of activities is planned to extend for the future. Partner subjects of Spirála are: Children and Youth Help Centrer, Pedagogical-psychological Guidance Center, Town Authority Český Krumlov, District Authority Český Krumlov.

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