Sporting Events in Český Krumlov

In the last years Český Krumlov has witnessed several International Sporting Events. The World Championship in Fly-fishing took place on the Vltava river in 1996 and was a very significant Sporting Event. Then there was the World Cup in the Park Orientation Run in October 1997, plus a few volumes of the International Český Krumlov Marathon that turned into a Regional Championship as well. The Run Up Kleť Mountain event is considered the next important event with an international presence. It is a part of the Czech Cup of „Run Up a Hill" series. Some events worthy of remark also took place at the Swimming Pool facility, for example the International Triple-tournament of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, and then the Match between South Bohemia and Upper Austria (1997).

Weir at the Cloak Bridge in Český Krumlov, foto: Libor Sváček

Athletics :
January 1, 1999New Year˘s Run throughout the City
 Organizer: AC Český Krumlov
 DDM Český Krumlov
April 25, 1998Run Up Kleť Mountain
 Organizer: AC Český Krumlov
Badminton :
March 28 - 29, 1998Championship of the Czech Republics Pupils
 SK Balcar Č. K., Sports Hall
April 18 - 19, 1998Championship of the Czech Republics Pupils - Groups
 SK Balcar Č. K., Sports Hall
May 9 - 10, 1998Český Krumlov Cup - Groups
 Regional Selection up to the age of 13
 SK Balcar Č. K., Sports Hall
June 13 - 14, 1998International Youth˘s Cup - Group
 Categories from the age of 15 up to 17
 SK Balcar Č. K., Sports Hall
September 5, 1998International Mach of Mixed Groups
 South Bohemia - Upper Austria
 Category of the older pupils up to the age of 15, adults
December 26, 1998Christmas Tournament of Mixed Groups
 TJ Sokol Křemže, Badminton Club
Football :
May 25, 1998Match between Regions of the 12-years old Selected Players
 Český Krumlov - Stadium FK Slavoj
June 27, 1998Janoušek Memorial of Younger Pupils
 Český Krumlov - Stadium FK Slavoj
November '98 - February '99Winter Hall Match of Preparatory Course and Younger Pupils
 Organizer: TGM Elementary School Č. Krumlov
Ice Hockey :
February 14, 1998Veterans Cup
 Český Krumlov. Winter Stadium
February 21, 1998Tournament of Bases
 Český Krumlov, Winter Stadium
March 7, 1998Tournament of Younger Pupils
 Český Krumlov, Winter Stadium
 Volleyball club Český Krumlov, Martin Šubrt receiving
Volleyball :
July - August 1998Holiday Beach Tournament of Women and Men
 VSK Český Krumlov, Complex located at the Winter Stadium
October '98 - April '99Český Krumlov Miniseries (5 Tournaments)
 Mini-volleyball - Younger Schoolgirls
 VSK Český Krumlov and Elementary School Za Nádražím Č.K.
 Gymnasium of the Elementary School Za Nádražím in ČK
Little Football :
June 27 - 28, 1998Plešivecký Cup for Men
 the second Football Pitch FK Slavoj
Aquatic sports :
22.8. 991st World Championship in Tube Sailing 1999
 Rumyší díra

June 27, 1998 V. I. P. Tour '98 of sports and cultural life personalities, with the participation of the following sportsmen: D. Hašek, I. Hašek, Hamrlík, A. Panenka, M. Dejdar, Nový, Poulíček, Zedníček, took place on the Český Krumlov Tennis Courts.

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