Contemporary Activities of the Romanies in Český Krumlov

In 1998 the function of Romanic Advisor at the District Authority of Český Krumlov was established. Currently working at this post is Ms. Marta Čarná. A major part of the work done by the Romanic Advisor includes cooperation with employees of local authorities and offices that are concerned with the life of Romanic communities. The Romanic Advisor cooperates, for example, with schools that are attended by Romanies, discusses employment or retraining with theBureau of Labor, offers job opportunities at the ČR Police for suitable expectants and deals with many others operations. The Romanic Advisor in Český Krumlov also provides information, advises and helps Romanies communicate with offices and institutions. The Advisor also helps local Romanic Organisations realise or prepare projects for the improvement of the situation of the Romanic community.

Contact :Marta Čarná
Okresní úřad (District Authority), Plešivec 268, 381 21 Český Krumlov
Telephone :+420 380 764 221
Fax :+420 380 764 812
Office hours :  
Monday7.00 - 17.00
Wednesday7.00 - 17.00

Within the Český Krumlov region there are currently two Romanic organisations. The associations arose to improve positive activities of Romanies. Civic Association of Romanies - Soužití and Civic Association Drom - Cesta are cooperating to prepare several projects that are aimed at activities of Romanic children and youth.

Child's entertaining afternoon, evening fun   Child's entertaining afternoon, evening fun   Child's entertaining afternoon, evening fun

Written by Marta Čarná

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