Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces in Český Krumlov

 Training base of IFOR peacekeeping forces in Vyšný near Český Krumlov
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Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces,
Český Krumlov
381 01

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+420 380 786 111

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The major task of the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces in Český Krumlov is to prepare units for peace operations abroad. The performance of such a task includes the procedure of selection and mass training before engagement and proper rotation. The selection procedure is required for all candidates. It takes two days and includes the following: psychological tests, body fitness check-up, testing of drivers, examination of English obligated for certain positions, then evaluation and personal interview. The mass training helps to welt the unit together, to meet conditions in the area of performance, to master and improve technical knowledge and to prove the status of the units' readiness. The length of training is stated based on the requirements of units' preparation and time available, usually from 6 until 10 weeks.

It includes the few following steps :

  1. Acceptance and equipment.

  2. Elementary information - data about the mission, conditions, parties of the conflict, their military forces, habits and religion peculiarities in the area of engagement, International Law of Humanity.

  3. Technical prearrangement - improvement's training upon specialization.

  4. Field readiness - training in terrain, in organic units, with arms and technics, ending with a battalion or company drill. The rotation is a planned process of unit exchange without breaking the completeness of their task performance. Usually it is provided via air force in a few phases. The length of presence in a mission is usually six months.

The workshops are one of the most important tasks. The Training Base organizes a few classes over the course of a year. The most important of them is the International Workshop for Peacekeeping Forces Battalion Commanders. The language classes have certain significance as well. The Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces has been organizing three semesters of intensive three-month moderate advanced English classes since the beginning of 1998. The course in frame of the Interoperability Program is destined for Liaison Officers of Land Forces and the courses for those using the navigation apparatus "GPS" are new elements.

The readiness of Elementary Army Service Soldiers is arranged four times per year. Basic and technical training, military drivers and other specialists schooling have to be organized for any entry period.

The training arrangement for the Army of the Czech Republic's Units in the training complex Boletice is stated as a new task for the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces.

The logistics of the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces completes the significant tasks as well. It assures the live operation of a formation. It provides and collects all necessary materials for the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces' needs for the units to be ready for engagement or training in an army complex as well as for the units performing abroad. Then the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces participates in various international trainings and workshops. The considerable importance in the Training Base of Peacekeeping Forces existence is also placed on visits. In course of the Base's presence there have been several dozen very significant political and army delegations from the Czech Republic and abroad.


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