Association Proradost
(an open informal group of performing amateurs)


motto: The audience always takes second place...

Ist part ( 1997 )

I am sitting under an umbrella in the courtyard of the pub Na dvorku and refueling all that I have sweat out during my business-journey made between České Budějovice and Český Krumlov on my TREKKING FOX silver devil bike. I didn't sit to a badly occupied table - theatrical art is being discussed, as is theOpen-air Theater and rain. I join the discussion.

It does not rain in winter...

But there is snow and frost in winter (?).

But the repertoire can be adjusted to it.

What about playing Mrazík (Jack Frost) in the Open-air Theatre?

Association Proradost, performance of  Mrazík, January 1997

An idea for another IA (idiot action) would exist, just to find understanding and people. After the first dialogue of the real Rennaissance jacks-of-all-trades I found out that it is not a problem. Summer Manor Bellarie provided scenic backgrounds, friends and amateurs added enthusiasm and prepared costumes. Just to rewrite the script from video into audio, put it into a computer, send texts from the computer to people together with drawings of movement on stage. To think out a name of the company for posters for schools and invitations for friends. On the night before the performance we had printed sixty tickets and in the morning on 8. 2. 1997 before the performance we began to rehearse. We could not have wished better weather. Judge for yourselves: sun and snow. We rather rehearsed the plot twice, hung texts on trees and wings and waited for spectators. There were not 60 spectators as were tickets, but about 200 or 250 more.

Association Proradost, performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, January 1998

It was thrown out of gear somehow: many people, much fun, much happiness and many questions: what are you going to play next?

IInd part ( 1998 )

There were a lot of discussions during the year whether or not to play once more. Everything might not work out for us again. Everybody knew Mrazík, and that is why they got into the plot. And in case of repetition it will be compared, mistakes will be looked for,...

And we do not have another well-known thriller...

And we were persuaded again.

Well - we will try it once more...precisely after a year - on 8. 2. 1998

And when there is snow in winter and we have played Mrazík, we will try Sněhurka (Snow White).

Association Proradost, performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, January 1998

New ideas were born and our friends supported us with material (an army field kitchen, a motorbike for Šmudla, a carnival horse,...). The way has been done and fear from a high set bar was big. From 450 prepared tickets, again 200 or 250 spectators did not get in.

Association Proradost, performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, January 1998 - dwarves bemoaning the death of Snow White   Association Proradost, performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, January 1998 - evil witch


Were we play in 1999?

To be sure, tune in again in December 1998 and January 1999 or Invisible Dog.

Association Proradost, January 1998

They might persuade us again......

treated by a principal deputy
(we all are principal´s deputies)

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