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Seniorclub - we learn how to dance country dances Address :
Vyšehrad 182
381 01 Český Krumlov

City Český Krumlov

Contact :
Municipal office Český Krumlov nám. Svornosti No. 1
section for education and social affairs
Ing. Věra Koželuhová, Ivana Selucká
tel. +420 380 711 415

Houses with health service
Český Krumlov Vyšehrad No. 160
Hana Čadová, Františka Kuncová
tel. +420 380 712 370

Senior club Rozvoj Český Krumlov
Vyšehrad No. 182
Růžena Horčičková , Františka Kuncová
tel. +420 380 711 549

Activities of senior club has been started in years 1996 - 1997, when the City Český Krumlov decided to reconstruct areas in object of the former hostel Rozvoj at Vyšehrad No. 182 and use them for activities of the elder generation.

Seniorclub - discussion about the Šumava mountains Managing of club was given to section of education and social affairs of the municipal office; as well as all further costs. At the beginning the program were processed by workers of mentioned section - section´s chief Františka Kuncová and her deputy Jiřina Dudová, gradually became to participate on program even seniors. In time has been created society of club members, of course the club is open to everyone.

To the support of active senior life we have established on the previous care for elder generations in sphere of active society life and we aimed in program to different interests of various groups of older inhabitants. Some women aimed themselves to hand works, regularly are meeting men at card plays, we arranged knowledge contests and lectures, conversational courses of German were hold, seniors were taught to various skills. We have prepared in cooperation with kindergarten at Vyšehrad even the sporting days in years 1999 and 2000. From spring till autumn have been regularly prepared the excursions and trips. The most popular activity became performances of own music group Vyšňovanka, which played monthly for listeners and dancers. The senior balls have been hold in cooperation with club of military seniors every year.

Seniorclub - trip to Šumava mountains Seniorclub - trip to Bavarian forest

In year 1999 which was the International senior year have we besides the regular club activities prepared project "Seniors 1999". We received for this project donation from the fund of the small projects Phare CBC. The meaning of project "Seniors 1999" were education and friendly meetings. About 1000 seniors took part on events held during the project. In cooperation with an interest group of seniors Svépomoc - Self-help had been in October organized in the chateau winter riding hall the Senior day, on which took part about 500 older citizens.

In year 2000 has been program offer enlarged with the "cooking school" and in cooperation with basic school Za nádražím were realized the PC course "We are getting young with an Internet", both activities continue even in year 2001.

Seniorclub - We are getting young with an Internet Seniorclub - We work with PC

From its beginning the senior club is its program monthly published, also via the regional press. In cooperation with Mgr. Jan Kříž from basic school Za nádražím will be our club able to inform via Internet. Internet access is enabled for seniors once a week in Wednesday from 19:00 o´clock in house with health care at Vyšehrad, also the director of Basic school Za nádražím Mgr. Dalibor Carda is letting us to use Internet in evening hours from Wednesday till Friday in school. Step by step will be used the Youth Information center at Špičák in house No. 114.

Seniors in Českém Krumlově in year 2000 in numbers:
To 31. December 2000 is from total number of 14.598 inhabitants 2.461 seniors (17% population in town)
Women (1.606) predominate men (855).

   Women    Men    TOTAL  
57 - 70 years9494991.448
71 - 80 years474298772
over 80 years18358241

The highest amount of seniors lives in part of town:

Further information:
Basic school Za Nádražím, Český Krumlov
Youth information center, Český Krumlov
Education and educational institutions in City Český Krumlov


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