Workshops and Congresses in Český Krumlov

This UNESCO town is vibrant with cultural and congress activities as well as the process of reconstruction which is being admired by many visitors from all over the world. Despite the fact that Český Krumlov was declared a Municipal Reserve as early as 1963, it was not until 1989 that the active reconstruction process began. Within two years, in 1991, this gem in the crown of historical heritage of our planet became a monument of the greatest importance. At this time the foundation PRO BOHEMIA which concentrated experts and supporters, who can especially take the credit for the town's inclusion in the UNESCO list, began its operation. Such a title was a conspicuous signal of the town's uniqueness for the entire cultural world.

At the same time, the philosophy by which the management not only carried out the town's refined reconstruction, but mainly the objective to create a certain cultural and congress center already existed. The fame of the once-forgotten town spread swiftly and its historic value has understandably begun to draw the attention of a completely new sort of visitors. The list of important visits and symposia or congresses carried out in Český Krumlov shows whether or not the original vision has taken a concrete form.

It has to be said that the list is not definite, as the names of important personalities who pay private visits to Český Krumlov are not included in the list. Nowadays Český Krumlov represents a town in which, during the season, you can happen to meet many famous personalities who you could hardly meet in any other town. However, to ordinary people they seem as a part of million of the visitors who come to the town every year.

Masquerade Hall in Český Krumlov Castle, presentational and conference possibilities

Conferences :

January 1workshop on financing municipal growth, Hotel Růže (152 mayors, chairmen of towns and town clerks from the Czech Republic)
28 - 30
workshop "Castle Theater in Český Krumlov" - history and possibilities of the Baroque stage, castle Mint
29 - 30
professional conference "Technical Infrastructure of Historical Town' Centers", Hotel Růže (organizer Czech, Moravian and Silesian Historical Seats Association and town of Český Krumlov, attendance of 120 representatives of 48 historical seats in the Czech Republic)
May 10 - 11workshop "Policy of the Council of Europe on Architectonic Heritage Preservation", attendance of Polish, Belgium, English Ambassadors
June 8 - 9international symposium of experts from Europe and USA on underground water and mineral zone pollution
June 23 - 26congress Future of Europe Trust - young politicians from Eastern Europe, Hotel Růže
1 - 3
International seminar on Baroque castle theater in Český Krumlov, castle Mint
19 - 23
professional meeting of authors of "World Baroque Atlas", castle Mint
October 6 - 8XVth days of child nephrology
October 7 - 9international workshop on the role of "Culture Light", Hotel Růže (organizer Penklub)
21 - 22
Ist South Bohemian Days of Oncology, Hotel Růže
2 -6
seminar of NATO on European security with participation of 25 scientists from 18 countries of Europe and North America (organizer European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
February 2meeting of representatives of gypsy initiatives of Czech Republic Government Office concerning the national minorities, restaurant Konvice
March 11national conference of representatives of District Fire Brigade Associations of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
May 31
- June 15
training of commanders of UN peaceful forces units at the base of UNPROFOR (officers from 11 European countries)
8 - 13
International Meeting of Rosicrucian Order in hotel Růže (120 people from 17 countries, organizer being the American company The New York Open Center + Prague Center of Understanding and Alliance)
October 5 - 6workshop on Czech-German understanding in Hotel Růže (prize of Foundation for Bernard Bolzan was given to Czech writer Jan Trefulka and German writer Franz Peter Künzel for translation activities and deepening of Czech-German friendship, Jiří Vlach represented Czech Republic Parliament, Luboš Dobrovský represented Office of the Presidium, presence of Austrian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Dr. Peter Niesner, Professor Goldstücker, head of the district authority JUDr. František Mikeš)

Castle no. 59 - Mint, II. courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle, expositional and conference spaces

10 - 12
symposium "Life at Baroque Nobility Courts 1600 - 1750" within the framework of the UNESCO programme "Les Espaces du Baroque, Hotel Růže
October 13IInd South Bohemian Days of Oncology, Castle Riding Hall
18 - 20
European conference ICOMOS - authenticity of historic monuments concerning their conservation, difficulties in monitoring of cultural heritage in the world
1 - 4
9th ELRA congress - Culture and Tourism: The Challenge for Community Development, Hotel Růže (40 representatives from Europe and Israel)
November 23November 23 workshop "Development and Present State of European Integration", Jesuit Hall in hotel Růže (organizer European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
March 2 - 3workshop on aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina (organizer European information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
May 17 - 18conference of ROTARY CLUB DISTRICT 1920 - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Upper Austria, Hotel Růže and Castle Riding Hall
May 23conference on fight against drug addiction, Hotel Vyšehrad
June 12Czech-Danish workshop of Danish Atlantic Committee (June 8 - 14 Prague, organizer European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
27 - 29
International Congress of Art Historians - professional evaluation of temporary Czech ceramics in connection with world trends, castle Mint
September 9Workshop for Development of Non-profit Organizations in the Czech Republic (organizer Foundation for Ecological Education Šípek)
October 8 - 13Seminar for Senior Academics (organizer European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
13 - 15
International Symposium on Photographic Techniques, castle Riding Hall (organizer Czech Republic Chamber of Photographers)
18 - 19
IIIrd South Bohemian Days of Oncology, castle Riding Hall
February 12Syntelab - medical seminar in Hotel Růže
March 5Hoechst Marion Roussel - Medical seminar in Hotel Růže
April 28 - 29workshop for accommodation providers (organizer Infocentrum Český Krumlov + European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
May 31
- June 4
Seminar Teris 2002 - organizer ESAS 1997, Hotel Růže
June 4 - 6Czech Urology Conference with international attendance, Hotel Růže (organizer Czech Urological Association)
June 14 - 15workshop "Developed Landscape - Search for Intersections" (organizers Foundation for the Baroque Castle Theater in Český Krumlov, Environment Institute of the Academy of Sciences, South Bohemian University České Budějovice, patronage of the chairman of Český Krumlov)
10 - 11
International Symposium ICOMOS-IFLA 1997 "Landscape Heritage" (September 7 - 12 - Czech Republic)
17 - 18
Oncological Days
22 - 26
congress of NATO (organizer European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University)
November 1Masquerade Hall - lecture of world-renowned writer and spiritual teacher Dr. Míla Tomášová
January 24Ist urology-andrological symposium of Czech Urological Association

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