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The Centre for Atlantic Cooperation in Český Krumlov (further CAC) is a civil association registered with the Minister of the Interior ČR as of Sept. 15, 1997.


The CAC is an association of renowned and influential citizens of the town of Český Krumlov and the Český Krumlov region, which in itself is significantly supported by an independent Iocal administration as well as federal administration.


The predorninant activities of CAC are summed up in the following:


compilation and dissemination of publications and documents concerning the main areas of Atlantic cooperation as concems central Europe, mainly the ČR.

offering information about political, economic, cultural, and security cooperation between central and westem Europe as well as north America with a specific focus on the areas of education, development of a democratic society , and security.

in cooperation with the University of South Bohemia and occassionally with other educational and research institutions, CAC supports the establishment of disciplinary and interdisciplinary task groups resolving certain necessary questions in the area of Atlantic cooperation, when possible with the participation of foreign institutions. In this wider context CAC also hosts working meetings (seminars, symposia, conferences, etc.).

cooperation with professionals from neighboring countries

cooperation with the training base of the Peacekeeping Forces of the Czech Armada, which is Iocated in Český Krumlov.

cooperation with NATO, including, in addition to informational and promotional activities, participation in hosting intemational seminars and similar activities. An overview of hitherto hosted activities is enclosed with this material.

in cooperation with appropriate Czech and other American institutions, hosting scientific, cultural, and community events in the South Bohemia region.

a significant project of CAC is the program ofactivities on the occassion ofthe 50th anniversary ofthe Washington Treaty. A complete program proposal is enclosed with this material.

The activities of CAC are directed by regulations and a board of directors of CAC. Copies of these documents are enlcosed with this material.

Together with the Institution of international relations in Prague prepares CAC project Transmission.


The cooperative project of the town of Český Krumlov and the Association for Atlantic Cooperation in Ceský Krumlov with citizens and civic representatives of Slovakian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian cities as concems the transmission of information and experiences from the Czech Republic's entrance into NATO.

The town of Český Krumlov , together with the Association for Atlantic Cooperation in Český Krumlov (hereafter as AAC) hereby addresses selected cities in the above mentioned countries, by way of diplomatic representation in Prague, with the objective of establishing as wide as possible cooperation with not only representatives of these cities and city administrations, but predominantly with the citizens themselves.

One of the most significant parts of these activities is the project of AAC as a civic organisation of renowned local and non-local citizens who declare their objective to be the dissemination of the concept of transatlantic cooperation on the level of local, that is civic, cooperation in the framework of a wider intercity cooperation.

The concrete task at hand is the regular organisation and hosting of seminars for representatives of towns and the civil public from the named countries on the theme of closer transatlantic activities. AAC plans to host the first such seminar in the autumn of 1999 , with the cooperation of the town of Český Krumlov and the Institute oflntemational Relations (IIR) in Prague.

The topic of the first seminar is to include the experiences of the Czech Republic's preparation for entrance into NATO from the civic perspective. As the AAC works together with a number of central accountable organs (Czech Ministry of Defence, Czech State Ministfy , Parliament of the Czech Republic ), a high participation is expected from representatives of respective ministries and the Czech Parliament.

Also valuable will be the contribution of the Czech Atlantic Commission as well as other non-govemmental organisations which are concemed with the theme of transatlanticism.

Seminars should take place on a regular annual basis and on various specific themes ensuing from consultation between the AAC and the Institute of Intemational Relations in Prague.

Purpose of this project is not only a transfer of information at level of citizens and towns (besides the governmental and parliamentary level), but also supporting establishments of civil associations dealing with transatlantic idea in towns in already mentioned countries.


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