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The Český Krumlov Heritage Association (Památkářská obec českokrumlovská - POČ) is an occupationally special civil association concentrated on the preservation of cultural heritage and nature.

It has been operating informally since 1990, with official registration at the Ministry of the Interior of the ČR since 1994. POČ membership is conditional on occupational activity in the branches which are immediately related to the care of monuments or to nature preservation. Currently it associates specialists in these branches :

archive maintenance
history of art
historical pottery
preservation of monuments
civil engineering
restoration of paintings
restoration of sculptures
historical exploration of buildings
technology of monument restoration

POČ operates mainly in the town and district of Český Krumlov; it is engaged, however, in some weightier cases of endangered cultural values in the entire Czech Republic.

From the significant activities of surregional importance in the past years we can name for example the successful defence of Santini Pilgrimage Area on Zelená Hora at Žďár nad Sázavou against a pseudo-historical reconstruction of the cloister, criticising for pseudo-historical reconstruction of the Castle Špilberk in Brno or the failure to preserve the Renaissance Building (Castle No. 177 - Renaissance House) at the Castle of Český Krumlov.

Main activities of Památkářská obec českokrumlovská :

Everyday practical preservation of monuments endangered by insensitive interventions.

Practical nature and countryside preservation in co-operation with the District Authority Environment Department and ecologically engaged civil initiatives.

Publication in journals and daily press, presentation of monument problems in radio and television broadcasting.

Research and documentation activity (studies of historical building construction, studies of archive sources, continuous making documentation of monuments including valuable details etc.).

Collection-making activity - preparation of a museum of historical construction elements and craft building details of the association

Participation in monument preservation legislation making (comments on proposals for prepared changes of laws).

Presenting proposals for declaration of real-estate for cultural monuments

Initiating legal recourses for damages to monuments.

Petition actions (support or initiating particular actions to preserve environment and monuments).

Guidance (free help for owners of monuments).

Cooperation with the Association of Professional Workers of Care of Monuments of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the Independent Union of Monuments Union of Czech Preservationists, South Bohemian Mothers and other professional civil associations focused on monument and nature preservation.

Cooperation with St. Agnes Secondary School of Art and Design Český Krumlov.

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