Civic Association of Romanies - Soužití

 Child's entertaining afternoon, evening fun

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Chvalšinská 108
381 01 Český Krumlov


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+420 601 274 146
Dezider Dunka

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+420 380 711 552

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Civic Association was founded in 1998 and was registered as a voluntary and independent association and associates the members on base of collective interests. As a chairman works Dezider Dunka. The composition of the members (about 80 people) shows us that the association is not specialised and is open for all citizens without exception of race or nationality. The activities of the association are especially aimed to preserve the original Romanic culture and to develop the talent of Romanic children and youth. The association yearly arranges, for example: Child's Day, football matches, Romanic dancing festivities etc.

List of special interest activities of Civic Association of Romanies - Soužití :

  1. TERNI GIL´ORI (Young Song) - leader František Čarný, telephone +420 380 711 552
    children's dancing and singing choir, Romanic folklore
  2. PHURY GIL´ORI (Old Song) - leader František Čarný, telephone +420 380 711 552
    dancing and singing choir of Romanic women, Romanic folklore
  3. ORIENT - leader Dezider Dunka, telephone +420 380 711 552
    music group, Romanic folklore

TERNI GIL´ORI - the choir consists of children aged 5 - 13 years, and currently it has 10 members. The leader of the choir is František Čarný, whose wife, also the choreographer, helps with the organisation. The choir successfully took part in the Romfest festival in Strážnice, the folk festival in Jihlava and has also presented at significant events in the Český Krumlov region, especially at the Five-Petal Rose Festival. The activity of the choir also positively influences relations between the majority group and the minority group. Although the choir has a lot of potential and is quite advanced it appears very little in public which decreases the interest possible participants. The founder of the choir is the Civic Association of Romanies - Soužití and it is trying to take appropriate measures to aid in the further existence of the choir. Unfortunately this is somewhat difficult as the possibilitie are limited.

PHURY GIL´ORI - a successful choir of senior Romanic women which is very interesting because men appear there only as a musical accompaniment. The choir is fairly young (about 3 years) nevertheless its success is comparable with the children's choir because both choirs draw from original Romanic folklore. The choir performed, for example, at the Romfest festival in Strážnice, at the folk festival in Jihlava and at many other cultural events. The founder of the choir is also the Civic Association of Romanies - Cesta.

Festival of the Five-petalled Rose in Český Krumlov 1998, performance of the Romany group Orient

ORIENT - a band of 6 musicians, has a long history. It is very popular among all ranks of Český Krumlov citizens especially because of yearly concerts at the Five-Petal Rose Festival in Český Krumlov. Their music is also very well appreciated by tourists that visit Five-Petal Rose Festival every year. Gypsy music and singing are a traditionally essential part of Krumlov festivals and support the specific atmosphere of them. The music of the band comes from an ethno-cultural base from which their modern music is createded. The founder of the band is the Civic Association of Romanies - Soužití. Because of occasional concerts the band partly self-sufficient.

The most serious problem of the mentioned groups and choirs is the absence of suitable facilities for rehearsals and meetings. There is also an absence of development of sporting activities that are practically becoming extinct, despite having a long tradition in Český Krumlov.

Written by Marta Čarná

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