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Civic Association was established in February 1999 and was registered as a voluntary and independent association and associates the members on base of collective interests. The Chairman is Jan Dunka. The work of the association is aimed at working with Romanic children and youth. It arranges courses, meetings and trainings. For the utilisation of free time of children and youth, it founds hobby groups, and supports and prepares sporting and cultural activities. Further programs are directed to provide Romanic citizens with information and advice, and also to help them in their communication with offices or institutions and to realise several projects.

Civic Association Drom - Cesta, plans for 1999
List of special activities of Civic Association Drom - Cesta

Child's entertaining afternoon

Civic Association Drom - Cesta, plans for 1999 :
Civic Association wants to work primarily with young people, as they are the future of the community, and therefore it is important for them to be educated, proud of their specific culture and knowledgeable of the culture of the nation which they live with. The target is to prevent the separation of Romanic children and support their integration into the society where they will not have language problems and will be acquainted with both their rights and their duties. The association knows that this long-time goal can be reached only through the improvement of education and the vindication of studies on all kinds of schools.

In 1999 it was preparing a project of retraining of Romanic youth and a project of preliminary classes. It is also preparing a project of reviving of Romanic crafts to improve Romanian identity and traditions and also to solve problems of unemployment. During the summer holidays Romanic children can take part in a Summer Camp. There are also proposals to start some hobby groups: singing choir, computer-educatian group, model or karate group etc.

Excursion to Zoological gardens Hluboká nad Vltavou

List of special activities of Civic Association Drom - Cesta :

  1. CHILD'S DANCING CLUB - leader František Dunka, telephone +420 380 726 372
    learning of Latin-American Dances, Disco-dances, Romanic folklore
  2. Dancing Group DISCO-ROMO - leader František Dunka, telephone +420 380 726 372
    disco-dance formation

CHILD'S DANGING CLUB - children aged 9 - 13 years meet together once a week in the House of Children and Youth where they can learn Latin-American, folklore and disco dances. With their own choreography they can participate in children's cultural activities, festivals and dancing competitions. The Children's Dancing Club is suitable for children that are interested in dancing in a sporting form. The club is attended by 15 children. Under the direction of a skilled dance teacher, the club has a very good level. The target is not only learning several kinds of dancing styles but also learning discipline. Because the club sometimes travels outside of the region, children can see interesting monuments and places of interest in the whole Czech Republic. The founder of the Club is Civic Association Drom - Cesta, is trying to make suitable requirements for the normal existence of the club, but the possibilities are limited.

DISCO-ROMO - dancing group, founded in 1987. It is a group that is well-known in whole Czech Republic; not only among the Romanies but mainly among Czech youth. Every year it takes part in the Republic Dancing Championships where it wins many awards. Choreography is almost at professional level so the dancers are invited by promoters of fashion shows, festivals and others cultural events. The group consists of about six dancers aged 20 - 27 years. They train once a week in the House of Children and Youth in Český Krumlov. The costumes are mainly made by the members themselves. The dancing group Disco-Romo represents Romanic youth not only in Český Krumlov but also in the whole Czech Republic and it is the only Romanic group with such repertoire and therefore it is very successful. The founder of the group is Civic Association Drom - Cesta.

Written by Marta Čarná

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