Music Luna

Music group Music Luna Musical Group

Contact :
Ing. Konstantin Štibic - director
Lhotka 3
382 03 Křemže

Telephone :
+420 380 732 250 (8.00 - 14.00 hod.)

Contact :
Antonín Soběslavský
Kaplická 252
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :

Telephone :
00420-38-43922 - Vladimír Karvánek

Characterisation of the musical group Luna :
repertoire - pop music by Czech and other artists from the 70's to the 90's (or older), according to request, particularly dance, disco, country and folk songs - we can adapt to the wishes of the audience and organizers
performances - balls, parties, business and family celebrations, weddings, wine bars, dance lessons, for dancing and listening, with accordion to folk melody, by request
apparatus - we have our own, suitable even for large halls and outdoor concerts or lessened for smaller gigs (inns, boarding houses, ceremonial rooms)
transport - our own, we'll go anywhere

Price for performance :
from CZK 3,500 and up, according to number of hours played and distance of transport; the amount including transport and use of apparatus to be agreed in advance

In 1997, in addition to its usual repertoire, the group successfully recorded two cassettes of folk songs with accordion, entitled "Český Šramlík" both sold in the South Bohemian region.

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