Monumental Art by Proradost

An open and informal association of Rennaissance jacks-of-all-trades, Proradost directs its interests not only towards drama production, but in the spirit of the traditions of general validity it heads towards inconstant and immaterial sensations. With the help of new materials and unconventional approaches it attempts to speak to the surroundings with its huge statues and address its own inward feelings and needs.

Monumental creation of Association Proradost

Sport achievements of Proradost
There is not an expedition or other team of people who would use all procurable means, and with an unbelievable amount of immoderate effort, crown long years of preparation and training by the conquest of the highest mountain at Náměstí Svornosti, in the heart of the most beatiful town in the world, Český Krumlov. Acting on a model of their teachers, who managed to conquer the Castle Tower to the north in severe conditions, members of the great team managed to reach their goal without oxygen apparatus on 27. 1. 1996 at 12:37 and hoisted the state flag.

Monumental creation of Association Proradost - conquering the heights of the town square


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