Municipal Library in Český Krumlov

 Horní no. 155, Prelatura, overview from Horní Street
Address :
Horní No. 155
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 714 765 (Director)
+420 380 713 925 (Regional services department)

Director :
Mgr. Karla Votřelová


This is the largest municipal library in the Český Krumlov region. It provides library services to inhabitants of Český Krumlov (municipal function) as well as to inhabitants of the former county of Český Krumlov (regional function). As of December 31, 2005 the library fund consisted of 106.787 items, and a total of 2.677 readers were registered, 561 of them children. In 2005 the library listed 34.493 visitors who borrowed 138.455 books and libraries.

View to study of town library in Český Krumlov

The central library consists of the adult section, children's section, the study and reading room, dept. of regional services, and dept. of library fund administration, and since 1991 has been located in the centre of town at Horní Street. The library also includes local branches at the apartment complexes Plešivec and Mír, plus a branch at the nursing home at Vyšehrad. 13 employees offers services to readers of Český Krumlov and other towns of the county.

At the beginning of the 1990's, the library began to automate its services. Eventually the entire library fund was computerised with the LANius system ( In 1995 the children's department was fully automated.

Town library in Český Krumlov, adult´s section

In 1996, a computerised system of exchange among individual libraries in the region was put into effect. At the end of 1997 the library was connected to the Internet through a grant from the Czech Ministry of Culture. The adult's section was automated in April of 1998, and users here can use an on-line library catalogue. In May of 1998 Internet access was made available to library users. Since the beginning of 1999, the children's section was also included in the on-line library catalogue using a special pictorial computer program for children.

Town library in Český Krumlov, meeting with representatives of the parliament committee for science, education, culture, youth, and physical education Michal Prokop and Milan Uhde

The library offers standard services such as lending services for adults and children, plus a number of special services such as bibliographic and information services, interlibrary lending, fund exchange for smaller libraries, access to library databases and Internet, research and photocopying, and regional information. In the library fund one can find novels, popular educational literature, children's and youth literature magazines, and special informational documents. The library fund consists of about 106.787 literary items. All library departments organise cultural and educational events such as presentations, competitions, quizzes, excursions, and the like. Blind and dim-sighted people have had access free of charge to the Internet in the reading room in Horní St. No.155 since 2003. The public lending library gained the special apparatus owing to the contribution of the Český Krumlov authorities and the contribution of the Ministry of Culture in Czech Republic. Since October 2005 the registrated readers in the municipal library have the connection to the internet free thanks to the fact that the library is included in the project Internet in Libraries which was declared by the Mininstry of Informatics of the Czech Republic. Internet can be used also by nonregistrated users who have to pay charge (see part Charges). In 2005 the users of the library in Český Krumlov can connect to the pages of the Czech Press Office (which is otherwise paid service) thanks to the program of Ministry of Culture VISK 8.

Town library in Český Krumlov, reading and study room

Since 1990 the Český Krumlov library has actively participated in the activities of the professional association SKIP - the Union of Librarians and Information Workers (Svazu knihovníků a informačních pracovníků). In 1995 the library began to contribute its records to the user database of LANius system users, and in 1996 became one of the many libraries in the Republic to join the association SKAT - Association of LANius library system users ( The objective of this association is to promote the positive usage of information of library funds of member libraries. Since 1997 the library is also a member of the Library Association of the Czech Republic ( In 2003 the public lending library became involved in the national system output of experts thanks to the program connection with the National Library of Czech Republic (the funds were gained owing to VISK 9 program declared by the Ministry of Culture in Czech Republic).

Town library in Český Krumlov, Christmas in library

In 1998 the administrator of the library became the town of Český Krumlov, and the former Regional Library thus became a Municipal Library with a regional function. In 1998 the library succeeded in a grant program of the Czech Ministry of Culture RISK - Development of library information networks (Rozvoj informační sítě knihoven), with the joint project "Building a basic information network of public libraries of the Český Krumlov region", which enabled the participating libraries in Kaplice, Horní Pláná, Velešíň, and Vyšší Brod to improve the quality of their existing computer networks as well as tap into the Internet. All these libraries work with the library system LANius. In 1999 were acquired finances, within RISK, for connecting of public libraries in Větřní and Loučovice. In year 2000 the Municipal library in Benešov nad Černou has been connected into the net whereby was finished the phase of interconnection of professional public libraries in Český Krumlov region. By 31 December 2001 other libraries were connected to the network of the Český Krumlov libraries due to the program VISK 3 or program Obnova venkova (Country restoration). The Internet was available in 32 libraries by 31 December 2005. 23 libraries in the region work with the integrated library system LANius, pertinently Clavius, 11 libraries in the Český Krumlov region have automated borrowing system. Apart from the library in Český Krumlov 38 other public libraries in region have the connection to the internet.


Excerpts from the library regulations

Town library in Český Krumlov, childrens department


Registration fee for 365 days100,-- Kč
Children up to 15, students, retirees, soldiers50,-- Kč
Physically handicapped, retirees over 70, library employeesfree
Collective users (school groups, elementary schools, etc.)50,-- Kč
One-time loan (max. 3 books)20,-- Kč
Loan of one publication via the interlibrary loan service (postage)30,-- Kč
Deposit (for users with permanent residence outside Český Krumlov county100,-- Kč
Loss of user ID card10,-- Kč
Damage to the bar code10,-- Kč
Damage to the book cover10,-- Kč
Reservationpostage stamp price
Loss or damage to bookprice of the book + 50,-- Kč
(for books with price over 200,-- Kč)price of the book + 100,-- Kč
Loss or damage to periodical price of periodical + 10,-- Kč
Photocopies A4 one-sided 1,50 Kč
 A4 two-sided2,-- Kč
 A3 one-sided 3,-- Kč
 A3 two-sided5,-- Kč
Internet for registered usersfree
Internet for unregistered users30 min. 30,-- Kč
Print from Internet1 site monochrome 2,-- Kč
Print from Internet1 site colour 10,-- Kč
Writing in the textual editor WORD1 hour 10,-- Kč


 Children Adults
1. reminder (after 30 days)10,-- Kč10,-- Kč
2. reminder (after the next 30 days)20,-- Kč20,-- Kč
3. reminder (after the next 14 days)30,-- Kč30,-- Kč
4. reminder (after the next 14 days)50,-- Kč50,-- Kč
Court action user pays court costs

This cost list is valid from October 1, 2005.


Municipal Library Český Krumlov, logo Addresses :

Městská knihovna (Municipal Library)
Adresa :
Horní No.155
381 11 Český Krumlov
E-mail :

Městská knihovna (Municipal Library)
Branch Plešivec 366
E-mail :

Městská knihovna (Municipal Library)
Branch Mír
Urbinská 187
E-mail :

Městská knihovna (Municipal Library)
Branch - Nursing home

Inter-library borrowing service

Telephones :
+420 380 714 765 (Director)
+420 380 714 254 (Economist)
+420 380 713 925 (Regional services dept.)
+420 380 716 385 (children's section)
+420 380 714 794 (adults' section)
+420 380 714 144 (study and reading room)
+420 380 728 795 (Plešivec branch)
+420 380 726 119 (Mír branch)
+420 380 713 926 (Book Register Department)

Director :
Mgr. Karla Votřelová

Year of establishment :
1879 (1881 - Readers' circle) SCAT, logo

Computer system :
LANius, Internet

Opening hours :
Department for adults  Monday, Tuesday
Thursday, Friday
9,00 - 18,00
9,00 - 18,00
Children's departmentMonday
Tuesday, Thursday
13,00 - 17,00
13,00 - 16,00
13,00 - 18,00
Reading and study room  Monday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday
13,00 - 18,00
9,00 - 11,30    13,00 - 18,00

Branch PlešivecMonday, Thursday    10,00 - 12,00    13,30 - 18,00

Branch na MíruTuesday, Thursday10,30 - 13,00   13,30 - 18,00

Branch VyšehradTuesday15,00 - 17,00

Town library in Český Krumlov, Branch na Míru

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