Kvinterna - Dvorská hudba doby Karla IV., ukázka z F. Landini - Guard´una volta
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Ensemble of Medieval, Renaissance and alternative music

Hana Blochová - vocal (mezzosoprano), portative organ, flute
Petr Vyoral - fiddle, quintern
Pavel Polášek - recorders, bombard, dulcimer, voice
Přemysl Vacek - lute
Milan Bílek - percussion

Director :
Hana Blochová
ARTECO-B.M. s.r.o.
Dlouhá No. 92
381 01 Český Krumlov
Tel./Fax :+420 380 711 681

The ensemble recommenced its activity in 1994. It gives regular concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad, takes part in the European musical festivals and works with the television and radio. The members of Kvinterna have recorded 3 CD's: 'Music of the Court of Charles IV', which became a presentation CD for the sixth year of the Early Music Festival in Český Krumlov (1997). The same CD was used for the soundtrack of the film 'Magister Theodoricus' filmed for the exhibition of the National Gallery held in 1998 in Prague and bearing the same name. Their second CD 'The Rituals of Medieval Ages' includes the 'Prophecies of Sibyl' and songs praising the Black Madonna of Montserrat. The CD was recorded in 1998 in the association with the cycle of scenic concerts composed for the purpose of the celebration of the Charles IV anniversary - 'Mystica 98'. The central motive of the last CD is the adaptation of the medieval Spanish songs of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Medieval, Renaissance and alternative music ensemble Kvinterna

The main interest of the ensemble are the Christian and Jewish songs of the 13th and 14th centuries. Prominent among these are the Spanish songs 'Cantigas de Santa Maria'. The ensemble also demonstrates the Oriental influences on medieval European music. Authentic musical instruments, rhytms and ornaments are also used. In 1997 and 1998 Kvinterna visited Turkey, played in Eskisehir festival concert and started a collaboration with Turkish musicians.

Kvinterna reconstructs Christian ritual and Iiturgical music and the music inspired by medieval European alchemy. They also play their own alternative music and improvise - following these spiritual sources. The musicians use the copies of historical instruments. Recently, the same ensemble created music for an American film about medieval alchemy.

The main creed of the ensemble is "Amor, in te spera".

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