Culture and Society in Český Krumlov

By the time Český Krumlov was included onto the List of Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO at the beginning of 1992, it had already been decided that the town's development would assume the form of a congressional and cultural center.

Photo from International Music Festival concert in Český Krumlov 1997

This idea came about quite logically, considering what the town has to offer not only with the rich history of its urban center, but history and culture as well, already unmistakeable in the days of the reign of noble families over the Krumlov dominion. The recognition from 1992 could not be overlooked by town's residents - there are few people who live here who are not proud of their town. And this is no wonder, as it was not difficult, at least from the historical perspective, to tie into the cultural tradition of the town. Český Krumlov is a town which has managed to preserve an enormous number of monuments up to the present, and its ability to respond to this culture corresponds to this history.

In what other town o a population of fifteen thousand can you find three theatres, from which the Castle Baroque Theatre from the 1680's is a world monument (see Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov)? Where else than right in Český Krumlov can, during a theatre presentation on a revolving auditorium, one také advantage of the oldest garden structure in the Bohemia, the Summerhouse Bellarie from the 18th century? And one could go on and on. In the town alone, around four hundred cultural events a year from all walks of art také place. Hardly a day goes by, then, on which a visitor isn's offered culture in some form or another, and this often on a world-renowned level.

Český Krumlov with the dominating Castle Tower and the former St. Jošt church, foto: Lubor Mrázek

But the cultural life of today's town is directly tied to other significant activities which the cultural environment supplements. In this light one mustn't overlook the project of intercity cooperation in the field of tourism, generally known as Czech Inspiration. Of equal importance is the Association for Atlantic Cooperation with ties to the Czech Atlantic Commission. Also important in the role of the town's present cultural life are renowned visits by members of aristocratic families, diplomatic gatherings, as well as meetings of experts of more than one scientific discipline. All this in the context of world-wide congresses and seminars of which Český Krumlov is becoming a host. A number of galleries and retreats for artists from all fields simply emphasize the present significance of the town as a cultural and congressional center. This has been the goal of the town in the post-revolutionary years of the nineties. Not even ten years have past, and this small border-area town which cast no more than a drowsy eye on the cultural richness of the past centuries, has burst to the forefront area of the world's interest. Few could leave the town and not be somehow enchanted by what is best understood by the Latin term Genius Loci, enhanced by all contemporary activities of the town.

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