Cultural and Social Events in Český Krumlov since 1993

March 26

Celebration of the Town's inclusion onto the UNESCO list, in the presence of Karel Schwarzenberg, delegation from the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Parliament, and delegations of the cities of Hauzenberg, Kaluš and Freistadt.

July 9

Conclusion of Trade Agreement between Austria and the Czech Republic at the Castle (Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic Vladimír Dlouhý, Federal Minister of Economy Wolfgang Schussel, further on behalf of the Czech Republic: Deputy Minister Miroslav Somol, Director of the Ministerial Secretariat Eliška Břízová, Press Agent Luboš Beniak, Chief of the "OECD" Countries Department Jaroslav Verner, further on behalf of Austria: the Exceptional and Authorized Ambassador Dr. Peter Niesner, Chief of the Business Politics Section Josef Tschach, Commercial Advisor Josef Altenburger, Chief of the Ministerial Cabinet Secretariat Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl)


Ceremonial Opening of the Egon Schiele Art Center

 Water Music for Český Krumlov, International Music Festival 1996
25 - 27

IIIrd Round of Dancing Competition "Great Castle Dancing" in participation of groups from the entire Czech Republic, Germany and Austria (Square Dance Club Carmentis)

16 - 17

Meeting of Rotary Club representatives from the Czech Republic and abroad on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the first Rotary Club foundation in Prague, arrival of the train-set called "Rotary Express" with the T. G. Masaryk Presidential Wagon

June 19

Volleyball Matches of the representatives from the Czech Republic and Brazil (at Elementary School Za nádražím)

 President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel, 1993
17 - 19

IVth Round of Dancing Competition "Great Castle Dancing" in the Jesuit Hall at the Hotel Růže with participation of groups from the entire Czech Republic, Germany and Austria - 400 participants (Square Dance Club Carmentis)

22 - 23

Days of Austrian Culture at the Masquerade Hall and Hall of Mirrors at the Castle and at the Hotel Růže Český Krumlov (organizer: Agency AUVIEX)

19 - 20

International Peace Run "Srí Chinmoy Peace Run International"

September 30

Český Krumlov Duathlon across the iron curtain (Running and Cycling, Český Krumlov - Bad Leonfelden)

 Český Krumlov String orchestra, performance at the Chamber Music Festival
May 27
- June 3

XVIth fly-fishing World Championship - competition of sport fishermen from 18 countries of the world

June 22

Český Krumlov as the Peace Run destination "Srí Chimnoy Peace Run '96"

9 - 13

Cooperative Best Effort '96 - exercise of armies from 13 countries in context of "Project for Peace"

October 10

Establishment of the Centre for Atlantic Cooperation

6 - 7

Park Run - World Cup in Park Orientation Run

September 11

Day of NATO (organizers: Czech Athletics Board, Centre for Atlantic Cooperation, Town of Český Krumlov

9 - 12

Ekofilm '97 - International Film and Video Production Festival on the Environment (organizers: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov Town and Agency AUVIEX, s.r.o.)

10 - 12

International Shooting Competition "Czech Euro Open '97"

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