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Division of the Club of Czech tourists Start originated in our town before more than thirty years. Today it unites 450 members living in town Český Krumlov as well as those in sixteen surrounding villages, but membership is being sought after by tourists from České Budějovice, because our activities seem to be more interesting than those of their own club. Reasons of high interest of membership in our club can be documented even by statistic data from sworn forms, which were included in annual meeting of the Club of Czech Tourists KČT Start in January 2001.

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Structure of member base of Start to 31.12.2000 :
450 members total including 106 youth members working simultaneously at two clubs = 23%
353 adults = 72 employed (33 men, 39 women)
261 seniors (93 men, 160 women) = 57 % of all members

257 events organized during one year :
212 trips on foot
12 trips on bikes
11 skying trips
17 excursions
10 days long stays in Jizerské Mountains and High Tatras

Events are organized 4x a week - for strong ones on Saturday, for seniors 10-15 km on Tuesday and Thursday; for disabled are prepared walks up to 6 km every Wednesday. For preparation and cover of these events we co-operate with number of skilled instructors, who ensure safe return and who can solve all organizational and health problems.

Significant are other civic activities, at which can take part those members who are fit as well as those, who can not handle walking or family members. Among civic activities of Start are included traditional Nicholas´s donation, Masquerade ball, meeting with elder members etc.

The greatest events are two marches with an international participation. The first is the oldest long distance stage march in Czech Republic. It is three day long and its name is “Through the region of five petalled rose”. The second, one day march,is filed into the system IVV (Internationaler Volkssportverband), which events are listed in the international schedules and often visited by foreign tourists. Reward for completion of stage march is medal and certificate and its rating s determined by the international rules of IVV. International response and interest for our activities is proved by 11 year long co-operation with Austrian Alpenvereinem z Zwttl an.d.Rodl, with which several tourist events are prepared every year.

Young researcher - hiker studies Šumava flora, foto: Lubor Mrázek

Walking activity of our members is clearly individual (each member chooses the track according to own strengths). In neatly kept records can one find out that in last year had 5 of our members walked over 1000 km distance and we walked all together over about 1 and 1/3 of perimeter of Earth.

List of our events and activities could continue and we would not come to the end of it. Did you for example know that Club of Czech Tourists keeps the touristic track marking in good condition all over the region? Is this just a small service to public?

All our events are open to public, everyone can participate even non-member. Our members never came into a quarrel, they are not getting drunk, perhaps none of them smokes, drugs - unknown. We have other interests to fill our free time. We manage almost everything ourselves via voluntary works - cleaning of our clubhouse, working of our touristic hostel in Rožmberk or yearly production and sale of Easter sprigs to public. Obtained means are used for our activities, chiefly excursions and transportation.

Membership in Club of Czech Tourists brings some advantages (discounts in hostels). Member of section can become everyone interested in tourism who accepts rules of the Club. One can apply during any of our event.

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