Secondary Comprehensive School Gymnázium Český Krumlov

Gymnázium Český Krumlov Address :
Chvalšinská 112
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 711 171
+420 380 711 349

Fax :
+420 380 711 709

E-mail :

Internet :

Headmaster :
Jana Cipínová

Deputy Headmaster :
Václav Dolanský

Founder :
Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic

Gymnázium is a secondary comprehensive school (a high school) providing full secondary school education accomplished by a Final Leaving Examination. The graduates are particularly prepared for continuous studies at Colleges or Universities of various surveys or at some of the higher-grade technical schools. At the same time it offers educations applicable in professions of state or general administration, etc.

The Gymnázium Český Krumlov opened the subject of study 79-02-5 Comprehensive Secondary School Gymnázium as follows :
Secondary Comprehensive School Gymnázium of 8-year studies for students leaving from the 5th grade of an elementary school,
Secondary Comprehensive School Gymnázium of 6-year studies for students leaving from the 7th grade of an elementary school,
Secondary Comprehensive School Gymnázium of 4-year studies for students leaving from the 9th grade of an elementary school.

Subjects of Study :
Czech language and literature
Foreign languages - English, German, French, Spanish
Rudiments of Social Sciences
Informatics and Computer Technology
Primary Administration
Musical Education
Visual Arts Education
Physical Education and Sports

Optional Subjects of Study :
Latin, Russian language, Conversation in foreign languages, Programming, Descriptive Geometry, Workshops in Natural Sciences or Social Sciences, History of Art, Economy, Psychology, Non-obligatory subject: Motor Vehicles Control

School Equipment :
30 classrooms - special classrooms designed for the education of chemistry, physics, biology, ABC of administration, 2 classrooms for information technology
Lecture Hall
Gymnasium, Fitness Room
Students' Library, Study Room
Hall of Residency (2- and 3-bed rooms)
Students' Eating Facility

Other Activities :
One week meeting of individual classes
Sports courses (ski and water sport training)
International ecological and educational projects - Acid Rain, Solar Energy, Weather in Action, GLOBE
Association of the Secondary Schools Clubs - Marco Polo Program
Exchange stays with schools from France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark
Annual sojourns of study abroad
Language State Pre-examination
Sports Games - volleyball, basketball
Tourist and ecological circle, ski circle
Athletics for younger students

Other information :
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