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Welcome to the Internet page of GISHIN - KAN Český Krumlov, Club of Japanese martial art Iaido and Karatedo. Since 1991 the Club has been introducing the art of Shotokan-ryu and Goju-ryu to its members. At the present time there is something more, it is Iaido, the martial art of the ancient samurai.

Karatedo :
Martial Art without Arms - Empty Hands. The representatives of the Club are members of JKF, JKA and ČKBU and thus have the possibility to practice the sports or traditional version of martial art. The holder of the 1st DAN František Hrdý looks after methodical leadership.

Iaido :
Traditional Martial Art of a Fast Sword Drawing. The training is done with a very sharp sword called Katana. Jaroslav Adam provides methodical leadership. GISHIN - KAN Český Krumlov also cooperates with ČFK.

Over the course of the Club's existence, the members have received a great number of awards in Regional or National Competitions as well as gaining a lot of experiences at Workshops managed by Shihana Hideo Ochi, Takeji Ogawa or Ishido Sadataro. The Workshops of Iaido are performed in cooperation with the representative of FUDOSHIN - KAI České Budějovice, Vladimír HYNDRÁK or in cooperation with the representatives of KENYU - KAN Praha, Vladimír Hotovec or Radek Lanc.

Detail information about the schedule of training and Club's activities :

Karatedo :
František Hrdý
Plešivec 361
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone :
+420 380 729 289

Iaido :
Jaroslav Adam ml.
Plešivec 382
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone :
+420 380 728 755

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