Fotoklub Český Krumlov

The Fotoklub is a group of photographic art lovers from Český Krumlov and its surroundings. The Fotoklub´s activity links up with the tradition of the past four decades, and some members come to the club meetings from over 30 km away.

The present group of about 15 members meets every other Thursday after 5 o´clock in the afternoon in the greenroom of the Town Theater in Český Krumlov. The Fotoklub´s activity is covered from the members´ own sources (who, besides others, had to buy the equipment of the cancelled OKS - the District Community Center - club to maintain their activity) and from the sponsor contribution of the firm Tabák - noviny belonging to Mrs. Benedová and Mrs. Bártová. Informal club meetings over photographs are filled out with a year-round four-stage club Master of the Fotoklub competition, exhibition activity in our Minigallery in the arcade, participation in the national club competition - the Map Round Nekázanka, and other individual as well as collective exhibitions and events with camera in hand (for instance report photographs of the Festival of the Five-petalled Rose in Český Krumlov, etc.). The fotoklub also keeps in touch with colleagues from Polish and Austrian clubs. Lately, the most joyful event has been the entry of young members. The Fotoklub does not grow old and the young photographers gain their first awards at competitions and begin exhibiting.

Fotoklub Český Krumlov, club group photo

Last successes of photoclub are victories in 36., 37. and 38. annual Map round NEKÁZANKA in 1997,1998 and in year 1999. The Map Round Nekázanka is the oldest club competition in the Czech Republic. It gathers amateur as well as professional photographers together and lets them exchange topical opinions on photographic art among each other. The present clubs exchange collections of 15 30x40 photographs as well as a derived size. The clubs rate these photographs to each other according to fixed criteria.

At the beginning of 1998 we accepted an invitation to the International Map Round Šumava where we will compare our photographs with those of other three Czech and four Austrian Fotoklubs.

Contact address: Telephone : Mobil :
Ing. Ladislav Pouzar +420 380 715 798 +420 602 408 877
Chvalšinská 231E-mail :
381 01 Český Krumlov

You can find our Minigallery in the arcade of the Town Hall of Český Krumlov on the corner of the main square Svornosti and Radniční Street. The yearly exhibition schedule of the Fotoklub Český Krumlov is made one year ahead and the Fotoklub tries most of all to show the new works of its members.

Some of the club's sample photos :

Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Ing. Iva Dvořáčková, Dolomites, foto: Iva Dvořáčková
ing. Iva Dvořáčková (*1970) :
Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Jaromír Klimeš, The Joy of the Best, foto: Jaromír Klimeš Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Jiří Svoboda, Masopust - mask of a demon, foto: Jiří Svoboda
Jaromír Klimeš (*1973) :
The Joy of the Best
Jiří Svoboda (*1953) :
Masopust - mask of a demon
Fotoklub Český Krumlov, MvDr. Jiří Zamrzla, Sneezing fit, foto: Jiří Zamrzla Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Vladimír Šimeček, Hearts, foto: Vladimír Šimeček
MVDr. Jiří Zamrzla (*1931) :
Sneezing fit
Vladimír Šimeček (*1947) :
Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Dissolution, Ing. Ladislav Pouzar CSc., foto: Ladislav Pouzar Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Lenka Pužmanová, Leaves, foto: Lenka Pužmanová
ing. Ladislav Pouzar (*1961) :
Lenka Pužmanová (*1978) :
Fotoklub Český Krumlov, Ing. Radek Dvořáček, reflection, foto: Radek Dvořáček
ing. Radek Dvořáček (*1970) :


Year 2000
JANUARY Tomáš Hrdý and exhibition of New year´s eve cards PF 2000
FEBRUARY František Bílek
MARCH Jiří Svoboda
APRIL Václav Kahovec
MAY Mirka Škrabalová
JUNE Photoclub master 1999/2000
JULY Ing. Iva Dvořáčková a Ing. Radek Dvořáček
AUGUST ing. Ladislav Pouzar
SEPTEMBER Josef Prokopec
OCTOBER Jaromír Klimeš
NOVEMBER Lenka Pužmanová
DECEMBER Vladimír Šimeček

Year 2001
JANUARY Vladimír Závorka and exhibition of New year´s eve cards PF 2001
FEBRUARY Jaroslav Běle
MARCH MVDr. Jiří Zamrzla
APRIL Jiří Krška
MAY Zdeněk Prokopec
JUNE club competition Mistr fotoklubu 2000/2001

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