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Contact :
Rudolf Adamíček
Větřní 116
382 11 Větřní

Telephone :
+420 380 732 252

Pavel Dvořák
Za Nádražím 209
Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 712 131

Sport branch:

Foundation :

Club colours :
red and white

Competition :
IInd Nation League "West"

The Club engaged in futsal (since 1997 it has been an official title of ČMFS for minor football) has carried the name after its main sponsor f. Adamíček since 1992 but its roots go back to the 70's. Today the Club consists of two teams of Český Krumlov, i.e. Adamíček (*1988) a Tybys (*1979). Since the 1993 - 1994 season the team has appeared at the top nation competitions :

93/94  I. CS League(fall)
94/95II. CS League(rise from the 2nd position)
95/96I. CS League(fall from the 15th position)
96/97II. CS League(7th position)
97/98II. CS League "West"(2nd after halfway through the competition)

Currently the Club has 20 members, i.e. 15 registrated players and five leaders.

The Club is at the 18th position in the long-term historical chart of the Czech Republic made for 1997.

The most successful player is Zbyněk Ginzel, the king of goal-scorers of IInd CS League in the season of 96/97 - 59 goals in 30 matches.

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