Theater in Český Krumlov

 Aerial view of Revolving Auditorium and Summer Manor Bellarie in the Český Krumlov Castle Gardens, foto: Libor Sváček
There is probably not a town which can be proud of such a variety of theater stages as can Český Krumlov. In addition to a stone theatre, which does not have a permanent scene but hosts the best theatre companies from all over the country, the town is famous not only for the castle theater (Castle Theater in Český Krumlov), but also by the Open-air Theater with its revolving auditorium. The idea of the Open-air Theater, as an experimental theatrical scene appeared on the break of the 50s and 60s but was brought to life as an impromptu scene for the first time in 1958. Originally contemplated as three performances, this was changed into twenty-three via public acceptance, and the tradition of the Open-air Theater was established. The present theater is a 600 ton colossus which can hold 658 people. The Open-air Theater season is usually sold out for the entire season, from the middle of June to the end of August.

The Castle Theater, the machinary of which used to be brought to life by the author of the original conception of the revolving auditorium, Johan Brehms, is not a theater with a permanent repertoire today. Its reconstruction is being carried out, paying heed to the preservation of as many original technical and repertory elements as possible. The day of a premiere is not far away and none of the experts doubt that bringing such a unique monument as the Castle Theater to life will be a surprise for all the cultural world. Even in the future its operation will be limited, which will guarantee that the wonder will remain a secret from the world, hidden in the complex of the State Castle of Český Krumlov.

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