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Linecká 67
381 01 Český Krumlov

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+420 380 711 601

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Children and Youth center in Český Krumlov (DDM) is a public educational institution it is a legal body, which organizes chiefly the free time activities for children and youth.

Interest activities are divided into six branches: civic-scientific, esthetic, natural, technics, physical education and tourism.

Children and Youth Center, Linecká 67, Český Krumlov

Each year can realize 900 - 1000 children their hobbies and interests in over 70 interest groups.

Children and youth center also organizes for example courses of dance for youth, Children folk competition, folk festival Krumlov´s bear, carnivals, holiday events, Free time fair and many more.

Among the successful groups belong Krumlov´s pipers, Jitřenka - folk ensemble, Car modellers, Carmentis, Guitars, Young naturalists and others. Children and youth center also uses tourist bases in Zátoň (54 beds), Slavkov (25 beds) and Nové Spolí (48 beds).

House of Children and Youth Český Krumlov, children in nature


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