Entrance fees and discount conditions for the Regional National History Museum in Český Krumlov

Basic information about museum - Opening times - Entrance fees and discounts

Entrance fees - individuals without comment and expedition with comment :
Adults, entire museum, in Český Krumlov, year-round    50,- Kč / person
Adults, exhibitions in Český Krumlov, year-round30,- Kč / person
Adults, Adalbert Stifter Memorial in Horní Planá, year-round50,- Kč / person
Discounts, year-round 50%   25,- Kč / person

Entrance fees - groups from 15 persons without comment:
Adults, Český Krumlov and Horní Planá, year-round   40,- Kč / person
Children in such groups20,- Kč / person

Entrance fees - families (max. 4. persons) without comment:
Český Krumlov and Horní Planá, year-round   100,- Kč

Overview of discounts:
Museum in Český Krumlov a Adalbert Stifter Memorial in Horní Planá

Children to 6 yrs, students, handicapped, pensioners  25,- Kč / person
Children up to 6 yrs    free entrance

Museum circle RM Č. Krumlov:
individuals with IDfree entrance
schools with ID10,- Kč / person
Pedagogical accompaniment and Guidesfree entrance
travel agencies, firms and other groups with ID   50% discount
children10,- Kč / person

Association of Museums and Galleries of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia:
individuals with ID    free entrance

ICOM - international museum membership:
individuals with IDfree entrance
institutions with ID (max. 3 persons)   free entrance

Youth card EURO 26:
individuals with ID   individual entrance   25,- Kč / person

individuals with ID    individual entrance    25,- Kč / person

International ID Cards ITIC, ISIC, GO 25:
individuals with ID    individual entrance    25,- Kč / person

KPVU - (Club of Friends of Fine Arts):
individuals with ID    individual entrance    25,- Kč / person

ARS VIVA - The Path to the Arts:
groups with guide     25,- Kč / person

members of ČSOP and Young nature´s protectors ČSOP    25,- Kč / person

individuals with Press ID    free entrance

More information :
Regional Museum of Český Krumlov


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