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Českokrumlovská scéna was established in 1945. Three hundred members have changed, and more than a hundred and fifty plays have been performed there since then. Plays by Czech and world-known dramatists can be seen on the stage. The ensemble has mainly consisted of young actors and actresses since 1993. They also participate in other cultural events, for example, Celebrations of The Five-petal Rose, Podvečerník, etc.


1993 - 1994
Od šantánu k candrbálu - Old-Prague songs programme. Stage direction Antonín Zwiefelhoffer.

1994 - 1995
Plakala princezna Květinka, plakala /Princess Květinka was weeping and weeping/.
Casting: princess Květinka - Monika Dušková, King - Přemysl Papoušek, Honza - Dalibor Návara, doggie Rejsek - Radka Kmochová, goat Róza - Iva Křivánková, chamberlain - Jarda Šakal Jílek, little devil Romadúr - Vlasta Dušková, old bag Jaga - Hanka Nyklová, old man Dobroděj - Václav Bedřich, devils - Jana Jakešová, Monika Průková and others.

1995 - 1996
Popelka /Cinderella/ .
Casting: Cinderella - Eva Hodboďová, stepmother - Hanka Nyklová, daughters - Martina Číšková, Dana Kopová, prince - Dalibor Návara, chamberlain - Přemysl Papoušek, queen - Jaroslava Dominová, mushroom Poddubák - Zbyněk Toman, mushroom Křemenáč - Jarda Šakal Jílek and others.

Jiří Suchý and Ferdinand Havlík - Elektrická puma /Electrical Bomb/.
Casting: František Bond - Dalibor Návara, lady, soldier , Regina - Dráža Škrabánková, soldier Consuela - Martina Čížková, Hadžadžadž, minister - Jarda Šakal Jílek, soldier, king, bicycle - Zdeněk Toman, iron maiden, soldier, minister of the concealment - Eva Hodboďová, Karla Šebková. Stage direction : Otta Tesař.

Joan Shirley - Vražda sexem /Sex Murder/.
Casting: Casting : Bernie - Jaroslav Jílek, Nicol - Drahoslava Škrabánková, auntie Dot - Jaroslava Dominová, dead Bill - Dalibor Návara, Angie - Karla Šebková, Sebastian - Zbyněk Toman, Polly - Martina Čížková or Vendula Koželuhová, Val - Radka Kmochová or Eva Hodboďová. Stage direction: Štěpán Kryski.
Award: Dačická kostka Award for Jaroslava Dominová´s best actress performance.

Karel Čejka - Tři království /Three Kingdoms/
fairy-tale musical full of kings, princesses, ministers and soldiers. The most expensive scenery.
Casting: King Beekeeper I - Přemysl Papoušek, Princess Filipka - Vendula Koželuhová, Yellow - minister of bakeries, soldier Buchta - Radka Kmochová, King Matěj Měkota - Zbyněk Toman, Red - minister of smoke-houses, soldier Uzenáč - Jarmila Nožičková, housekeeper Běta - Jana Sehnálková, Queen Rebarbora - Jaroslava Dominová, Green - minister of gardens, soldier Mrkvička - Drahoslava Škrabánková, old fool Vojta - Jakub Baran. Stage direction: Štěpán Kryski, accompaniment: Jana Hulcová, technicians: Jiří Krtek, Bohumír Kabeš, stage: students of SUPŠ St. Anežka led by Mgr. Mikule. Premiere on 28 January 2001.It was recommended to be performed at the national theatrical competition POPELKA / Cinderella / Rakovník 7 - 11 November 2001. Finally, it was not chosen, but it was determined as a substitute.

20 January 2002 premiere Jan Makarius - STRAŠIDÝLKO /LITTLE GHOST/ magic fairy-tale.
Casting: Nestling - Štěpánka Marková, Šplechta - Jarmila Nožičková, Bublice - Jana Sehnálková or Vendula Koželuhová, Kuklice - Jaroslava Dominová or Věra Koželuhová, Ondřej - Přemysl Papoušek, Bogeyman Bubák - Jakub Baran, soldier Crayfish - Radek Proutkovský, soldier Carp - Dalibor Návara, Music - Jan Vozábal and Kapka, scenery - Jakub Baran, choreography - Marta Begovičová, lights and sound : Jiří Krtek and Bohumír Kabeš. Stage direction : Vítězslav Kučera.

In September 2002 the Fairy tale called Punch, Johnny and Enchanted Princess, written by Jan Jílek was performed. Or else the old fairy tale with new motives.
Stage direction : Víťa Kučera, stage - Jakub Baran,. Masks - Dráža Škrabánková. Casting: princess Jasněnka - Vendula Koželuhová, punch - Štěpánka Marková, Kalupinka - Jarmila Nožičková, Honza - Jakub Baran, mum, witch - Jaroslava Dominová, water goblin - Dráža Škrabánková, king, devil - Radek Maruna, robber Jozífek - Radek Proutkovský, rozzer - Dalibor Návara. Sound : Jiří Krtek.

PREMIERE: on 27 April 2003, at 3.00 p.m., Municipal Theatre of Český Krumlov
Jan Makarius - The Magic Tabouret.
A fairy tale for children with the motif of an Indian fable " About The Timid Hare ".
Performed by : Bobina Nožičková, Hana Blažková, Dráža Škrabánková, Vendula Koželuhová, Hanička Pavlínová, Štěpánka Marková, Přemysl Papoušek, Jakub Baran, ballet-dancers of the Ballet School of Marta Begovičová.
Technical co-operation - Radek Maruna, Jarda Jílek, Bohumír Kabeš, Jiří Máče, Jiří Krtek
Costume designers - Vendula Koželuhová and dressmakers of Municipal Theatre.
Stage set - Jakub Baran and Radek Maruna.
Direction by Víťa Kučera

PREMIERE: on 14 May 2003, at 07.30 p.m., Municipal Theatre of Český Krumlov
Ivan Taller - The Comedy of Cleverness
Or else the consolable and amusing history for maidens a young men intended for consolation and enlightenment, drawn up according to the old print.
Direction by Štěpán Kryski, stage set : Jakub Baran, music by Jan Vozábal,
casting: Ondřej - Dalibor Návara, Háta, his wife - Dráža Škrabánková, Janek - Zbyněk Toman, Žofie, his wife - Vendula Koželuhová, Tomáš - Jakub Baran / Roman Mařík, Uršula, his wife - Jarmila Nožičková, Principal - Jan Vozábal, Field Doctor - Jarda Šakal Jílek, Prokop - Radek Maruna.
Technical co-operation : Jiří Krtek and Bohumír Kabeš

With a production of "The Comedy of Cleverness" by Ivan Taller we took part in Conjuring Performance of Dačice - South Bohemia Regional Festival of Amateur Drama and Music Theatre held in a town of Dačice in March 2004. The performance was unexpectedly very successful. The production got the following awards: stage direction award and musical plan of the stage award, but above all it was recommended to the National Festival of Dramatic Třebíč, Femad Poděbrady.

On 16 March 2004 we participated in Festival Štít with the same stage. The festival took place in a near town of Prachatice. The panel of judges took a different view of it than the jury had had at the Regional Festival.

We obviously suffered our first team stage fright at National Festival Femad Poděbrady held on 14 - 16 May 2004. So we say modestly: "We also experienced the participation at the national festival. But next time ... :)))"

At the Festival of Sokolovská Čurda given in September 2004 we made good use of our experience gained from a few previous shows, and we performed well with no stage fright at all but a great enthusiasm. Congenial atmosphere of the festival as well as likeable organizers, audience and colleagues from other ensembles contributed to the assessment of our performance. The festival bulletin says:

"The Mediaeval morals in a lively and funny manner
The Comedy of Cleverness, Český Krumlov Theatre Company.
It is a comedy indeed, I could almost say the Comedy. The text of the play is based on the mediaeval morals and quite nimbly and in a funny way transformed by Ivan Taller so that it can be easily accepted by the present audience. I think the audience took the text really well.
The subject of the play are three women who make a bet whose husband is the most stupid. They want to take them for a ride and the one who falls into the trap proves his stupidity.
Especially the stage design is based on the moral principles. It really works with principles of fairground theatre as can be proved if you read some preserved notes. Everything is admirably simple, but functional. Only the linen is turned and we are in completely different space. The stage design thanks to its flexibility obliges and offers the actors innumerable possibilities how to use and show their comical talent. A particular idea with the folding coffin and as it gets going is also worth mentioning. Now let´s go on to the dramatic art. The principle of theatre in the theatre is used so the actors come and leave their parts again and again. When they do not perform their parts, they help to change the scenery and give a non-verbal commentary on what is just happening on the stage. Everything seems to be relaxed and obvious which definitely belongs to that sort of theatre. It wins the audience hearts.
I would like to mention one reservation to this production . As I have already said the text is a collage of mediaeval morals interspersed with the entrance of music and commentary of actors who perform as fair criers. Mostly it goes on with a certain link-up and the story flows. Nevertheless sometimes (especially in the first half of the play) I had a feeling that the certain moments of the story are not continuous, but slightly confused congeries.
Finally I would like to quote the extract of the Český Krumlov Citizens´ Programme: " We only want to give a topic to a thought and make the audience feel happy." We succeeded in doing both things. The Comedy of Cleverness performed by the ensemble of Český Krumlov gave me very pleasant feelings thanks to its kind and spontaneous humour and the actors succeeded in doing a good job in a simple and functional way. Thank you for it!
( -mv- )."

Coming soon:

A.P.Čechov, Leoš Suchařípa - Racek (The Gull). Directed by René Vápeník. First night expected in the spring 2005.

J.N.Nestroy - Zlý duch Lumpacivagabundus (The Evil Spirit called Lumpacivagabundus). Directed by Štěpán Kryski.

- written by Jan Vozábal -

BOARD OF CLUB EXECUTIVES - since September 2004
1. chairman - Dalibor Návara
2. vice-chairman - Jan Vozábal
3. economist - Zbyněk Toman
4. club auditor - Drahoslava Škrabánková
Board of Literary Managers - Štěpán Kryski, Jan Vozábal, Roman Mařík
Directors - Štěpán Kryski, Vítězslav Kučera, René Vápeník

Dalibor Návara +420 606 629 838,
Jan Vozábal +420 602 331 162 or Municipal Theatre - +420 380 711 775.

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