Cappella Accademica

The ensemble Cappella Accademica was founded in Prague in 1991. It interprets the music of the 17th and 18th centuries using original musical instruments and based on studying historical records. The historical fidelity, however, is viewed by the ensemble not as a goal but rather as an indispensable tool to capture the actual content of Baroque music.

Capella Academica, performance at the Festival of Early Music

Since the beginning of 1992 Cappella Accademica has been giving performances in the Czech Republic as well as abroad („Míčovo hudební léto" in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Early Music Festival in Český Krumlov, International Early Music Festival in Prague, International Opera Festival Smetanova Litomyšl, the festival Printemps des Arts in Nantes, concerts in Bratislava, Nuremberg, Munich etc.) In 1993 the ensemble worked together with Centre de Musique Baroque in Versailles to interpret two oratorios by M.-A. Charpentier. The same year in October Cappella Accademica ranked among semi-finalists of the international competition Early Music Network in London.

The chamber ensemble was extended in 1995 into a Baroque orchestra with permanent solo singers and a chorus. This new cast focuses mainly on the interpretation of Baroque opera (H. Purcell: „Dido and Aeneas"; G. F. Händel: „Rodrigo", „Lucio Cornelio Silla", „Il Pastor fido", „Imeneo"). The ensemble members also interpret chamber and church Baroque music of German, French and Italian origin.

Český Krumlov Castle, trial production in the Castle Theatre - performance by the ensemble Cappella Accademica, August 1999, foto: Libor Sváček

Early in 1997, Cappella Accademica found an ideal background for their activities at the Český Krumlov castle, where it has been rehearsing since then. Along with the Foundation of the Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov and a group of technicians who operate the machinery of the Baroque Castle Theater, the ensemble participates in acoustics and stage testing of the theater, which dates back to 1766. The activities of the soloists associated with Cappella Accademica now also include the study of period acting rehearsals, movements, mimics, gestures, make-up, costumes, while the ultimate objective of the entire ensemble is to revive a Baroque opera performance with all its attributes.

The founder and head of the ensemble is harpsichordist Ondřej Macek.

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Ondřej Macek
State Castle Český Krumlov
Zámek 59

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+420 380 711 298

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