Bratři Karamazovi

A leather glove was thrown into the face of the Czech musical scene in the form of a spiritual challenge by poet Pavel Kučera and solo guitarist Milan Tokár. With a rainstorm raging, wind whistling, among the melting floes and in the footprints of the receding winter a flame was ignited to give birth to the group Bratři Karamazovi in February ´93.

Bratři Karamazovi (Brothers Karamazov)

In January of 1995 the group released its first album Oslava ohně (Celebration of Fire), recorded in the Pingi studio in Český Krumlov. The raw sound of the composition weaves a tormenting atmosphere, exploding in an unchained joy of life which peaks in a rainbow with the song Khuate. In February and March of 1997 the group recorded a more poetic album in Prague called „V krajině únor" (In a February Landscape). In  Tokár´s guitar, in music reminiscent of the most beautiful of Mozart´s symphonies and in the voice of Kúča, one can find hope that contemporary art is not just shit, therefore :

Šaman už tančí na plamenu svíčky
jen mlčí a letí je motýl je na drogách sám
jen tančí a letí je motýl je motýl je motýl
co na obou křídlech má malovanou smrt
co je to za smrt bratříčku zeptej se boha
čí je to smrt co na obou rukách má
zeptej se mne bratříčku zeptej se mne
ta smrt jde cestou žhavého železa.
(faithful translation:)
The Shaman dances on the flame of a candle
not speaking, he flies he's a butterfly he's doped
he just dances and flies he's a butterfly a butterfly a butterfly
what's painted on both wings it's death
what is for death little brother ask god
whose death what's on both his hands
ask me little brother ask me
that death comes via glowing hot iron.

The group´s players are Milan Tokár - solo guitar; Pavel Kučera (Kúča)- vocals, guitar; Jožin Šťastný - percussion; Roman Pětioký - bass guitar (replaced Míra Musil).

These mentioned albums can be bought through the Black point network and the album V krajině únor is available in Prague in the stores Maximum Underground in  Jilská street, in  Musicland in Vodičkova street and at Náměstí republiky in a store located in the subway station hall under the ground. In České Budějovice you can find them in the Globus store behind the main church and in Český Krumlov in the streets Horní and Radniční .

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81 01 Český Krumlov

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