The updating centre of the Official informative system of Český Krumlov region

Castle No. 57 - Salt House Address :
Castle No. 57 - Salt House (Ist Courtyard)
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 712 216

Fax :
+420 380 712 216

E-mail :

Official hours :      Monday9.00am - 1.00pm
 Wednesday1.00pm - 5.00pm

We will gladly welcome you after previous agreement.

Due to need of professionalization of OIS management and need of full time workers, who will maintain OIS was in June 1999 based on very good experiences signed between OIS and company Ipex Ltd. agreement about managing of OIS. Company Ipex Ltd. took under its management and overheads The updating centre OIS, commerce with advertising of OIS, production and distribution of CD ROMs and began with providing up-dating every month.

The updating centre of the OIS of Český Krumlov region, interior, foto and realization : Lubor Mrázek   

Since July 1999 pay attention to up-dating of OIS 2 ¨full time employees. Thanks to it the technology of OIS up-dating was changed from an one-phased (every month) to running (everyday). Actual datas for OIS gets up-dating centre variously. Chiefly via active asking of the information keepers, by up-dating bills, E-mail, telephone, fax, post and personal acting.

We are looking forward your visit and we are ready to deal with you about anything what will lead to further improving of The official informative system of Český Krumlov region.

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