Tavern U dwau Maryí

 Parkán no.  104, view from Parkán Street
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Parkán No. 104
381 01 Český Krumlov

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+420 380 717 228

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The Tavern U dwau Maryi is tucked away in a medieval house through which runs a massive fortification wall. We do not know very much about the people who lived here in the past, but predominantly they were craftsmen. According to archival evidence, the first known owner was Michal the saddler (1553). Besides relaxing in an historic tavern, visitors can enjoy the rare opportunity to admire over the excellently restored wooden ceilings, doors, historical tiles, plaster, detailed iron-work or exceptional documentation of the restoration work done in Český Krumlov. During the summer, you can spend a pleasant time on the terrace on the Vltava river below the castle tower, and look over herbal garden with a traditional representation of all types of spices of the local household, the same being used directly in the preparation of the food we serve. Our menu follows old time Bohemian style of medieval taverns.

Individual dishes are prepared with the use of almost forgotten traditional foods - like millet, buckwheat and barley.

Tavern U dwau Maryí

You can choose baked millet with cheese or mushrooms, buckwheat porridge with honey, barley with mushrooms, potato cakes, cabbage soup with daisies, chicken with herbs, smoked ham with cabbage and dumplings, cakes and pastries. If you would like to enjoy a broader cultural experience of tasting different dishes from our kitchen, we have a special menu for you - original "old time Bohemian feast". This popular delightful dish consisting of several specialties is prepared for a however many guests you request [with meat or vegetarian].

Tavern U dwau Maryí, interior

The tavern is open from April to December. We also welcome groups of 15 - 25 people year round in our Renaissance sitting room upstairs. We can offer parties for all occasions, a taste of 7 types of mead wine with narrative, musical arrangement, town tour, evening concerts and other cultural programs.

We speak English and German.


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