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Port Tavern and River Spa

Address :
Rooseveltova No. 29
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
+420 380 711 980

Contact :
Jiří Rum Škarvada, president of the firm

The Port Tavern Rumyší díra and River Spa are situated and erected on the right bank of the Vltava River, on the river kilometre of 283.1. Its history began in the dim and distant past. The tavern was built in today's appearance around the year 1560, most likely on the foundations of the shanty of merchant Sámo dated from the year 622. Unfortunately, Sámo, when laying foundations, irrecoverably demolished a lair from the beginning of the Quaternary period (1,6 - 1,7 million years) which belonged to the man-ape with erect figure - Homo Erectus.

 Water horror Rum Ness

The structures from the mid-16th century were built of logs by Jiřík of Kolín who came to Krumlov from Kolín with his friend Jakub Krčín of Jelčany. Jiřík, however, never gained Krčín's fame due to his inclination to strong drink. When Prince Peter Wok von Rosenberg went down the river for the first time, it served as an impulse to began building activities (see documents in the Vyšší Brod monastery). Jiřík believed that the pioneer feat of Prince Wok would be the beginning of busy boating tourism on the Vltava river. The expected boom didn't occur, and Jiřík's entrepeneurial idea turned out to be rubbish. Considering the serfdom of the age, the landlord was ahead of his time seeing as how free Saturdays didn't exist, let alone holidays. Consequently, the tavern stagnated and it was not until 1772 that its period of flourish began thanks to the considerable revival of rafting. The continual rude shouting of the founder's great great-grandson at raftsmen "Where the hell are you pissing off to, doctors, why don't you come up?" often led to clashes. The raftsmen smashed the landlord's face in several times and eventually stopped frequenting the establishment. Its heyday finally began in the 1990's, and the tavern pulsated with frantic, wild hilarity and swelled with life.

 Greetings from Rumyší díra

Soon the present management came to the conclusion that they were on the wrong track. In order to preserve the historical continuity, that is when virtually no one went to the tavern, we must return to the old traditions. As much as you are all welcome, we serve only odd or even numbered guests if the place is too full, and we unfortunately serve nobody if the place is too packed, as this is the only possible philosophy in such a place.
The fauna is also worth mentioning. The Monster RumNess occasionally rises to the surface, and the Vltava Paegas with the head of a white horse and body suggestive of a coat stand are the characteristic rarities. As for the flora there are stately oaks, apple and plum trees, and vast quantities of the typical plant, the stinging nettle. Food and drink are one bigger surprise than the other. The scent of rum and garlic mixes with ....., thus evoking the unrepeatable atmosphere of piratical port taverns with the charm of distance and adventure.

Rumyší díra, view from the entrance stairs

Rumyší díra, seating at the port  Rumyší díra, seating at the port

We extend our welcome to you,
but in order to preserve the unique image of the Port Tavern and River Spa Rumyší díra as explained above, we recommend visiting another comparable place, also emblazoned with history and genius loci, for example the State Castle Český Krumlov.

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