Rent a boat Surfsport

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Kájovská 63
381 01 Český Krumlov

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+420 602 453 673
+420 607 102 985

We lock accommodation
in Bed and Breakfast Panorama
Rent a boat Surfsport

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We rent raft, canoes (2-3 persons). Transportation of people and boats to and from the destination points is arranged by minivan. We offer discount for groups, during off-season and in case of cold weather. The price includes: rent of boats, paddles, life jackets, waterproof bags, map and transportation.

  Rent a boat Surfsportt  
A1  Č.Krumlov - Zlatá Koruna15 Km600,-900,-
A2  Č.Krumlov - Boršov33 Km850,-1350,-
A3  Vyšší Brod - Č.Krumlov35 Km900,-1350,-
A4  Rožmberk - Č.Krumlov25 Km750,-1250,-
A5  Zátoň - Č.Krumlov15 Km600,-900,-
A6  Větřní - Č.Krumlov8 Km500,-700,-
Rent a boat Surfsport


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