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Široká 37
370 01 České Budějovice
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Ipex a. s.
Zámek č. p. 57
381 01 Český Krumlov
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The company Ipex Ltd. was founded in year 1992. In very first years has Ipex worked mainly as a supplier of the quality technological solutions of PC nets Lan and WAN. When Internet has appeared the company shifted its orientation into this sphere. From an administrator of the Internet knot Cesnet became Ipex already in 1996 the independent secondary provider and soon built one of the largest nets in Czech Republic. In year 1999 has Ipex entered the NIX and registered own autonomy system and became a primary provider and created through whole republic going net GIN.

Map of Ginet

In present time is the GIN net one of the largest and most quality one in Czech Republic. GIN disposes with a strong connectivity into abroad, quick connection in the knot NIX.CZ and has a peering with all NIX members. It ensures for all IPEX costumers quality and quick access to the Internet.

The headquarters of Ipex Ltd. are located in České Budějovice. Firm is further structured into the branches, which offer full assortment of all GIN services. Branches of Ipex Ltd. can be found in Český Krumlov, Brno and Hradec Králové. Commercial activities in connection spots provide local companies - Authorized dealers of the net GIN.

Castle no. 57, salthouse

tř. Generála Píky 3
613 00 Brno
Tel.: +420-5-45245111
Fax: +420-5-45245111
Zámek 57 - Solnice
381 01 Český Krumlov
Tel.: +420 380 712 216
Fax: +420 380 712 216
Veverkova 1343
500 02 Hradec Králové
Tel.: +420-49-5813314
Fax: +420-49-5813314


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