FRONIUS Česká republika s.r.o.


Fronius s.r.o., aeral view onto the Český Krumlov factory Address :
Tovární 170
381 01 Český Krumlov


Agents :
Ing. Klaus Fronius

Professional objective :
Production, sale, and service of welding equipment

Basic assets :
6.000.000,- Kč

No. of employees :
cca 120

Telephone :
Main office in Český Krumlov+420 380 705 111
Business center Praha+420 272 111 011
Regional business representation Jihlava+420 567 584 911
Regional business representation Ostrava+420 595 693 811
Business center Trnava00421-33-5501761
Regional business representation B.Bystrica00421-48-4161000


Fronius' half-century existence has been an age filled with diligence, research, industry, and personal application. Our main motivation is, and has been, an ever-increasing worldwide demand for welding technologies. We thus consider our successful development to be rather an acknowledgement of our efforts. Fronius is today considered to be a market leader in its field. We attribute this, in no small part, to our firm's philosophy oriented towards the future - always to be one step ahead of the times.

With the help of modern electronics we are developing techniques which offer our customers new advantages and comfort. We take advantage of the trends of high technology, by which we receive a high rating throughout the world. Always one generation ahead - this motto is evident in every product. Fronius places special emphasis on welding quality as well as simple and rational service.

Fronius produces quality. Each of our products satisfies the high demands set by our customers, and keeps step with technical developments, even sometimes forming them. Especially in the areas of pulse arc-welding and MIG and WIG methods, new impulses are constantly emanating from Fronius, thanks to its advanced technique of torch and tank production.

In addition to this, Fronius' educational and training center offers engineers, experts, and specialists from around the world a chance to meet and acquire new knowledge, as well as acquaint themselves with the newest techniques. Take advantage of this opportunity ! Call us ! We'd be glad to arrange a time to meet with you personally and show you our training and educational center. As you will surely know, we are at your service anytime.

Try us and give us your requirements !

You won't be disappointed.

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