Ing. Libor Sváček

 Castle tower in Český Krumlov, night view, foto: Libor Sváček
Born March 6, 1967 in Český Krumlov

Education :   Gymnázium in Český Krumlov, graduated 1985
Chemical-technical High School in Prague, field special inorganic chemistry, graduated 1990
Profession :   Photographer

Although photographer Libor Sváček studied inorganic chemistry at the Prague High School of cehmical technology, after a year of service in the department of environment at the Regional Authorities in Český Krumlov he decided to change his profession towards that which he enjoyed the most. Doing so, he wished to share something more than a bureaucratic standpoint with people - something about poetry, nature, the town, about the environment which we often see but often don't notice.

His education made it easier to understand the secrets of photographic chemistry, and a feel for technology allowed him to step into the world of more complicated and expensive equipment. After repeated disappointments from the low quality of reproduction, he took another step which is for a photographer from this region quite unusual, that is he bought a scanner as part of his equipment, so that he would be able to control the process of photographic digitalization himself. Like it or not, he had to learn how to deal with computers and has finally reached the stage where he spends about a quarter of his working time preparing photographs for printing, pre-press. Now he stands at the printer to check the quality of what comes out. He refuses the excuse that „it couldn't be printed", and seeks the cause - the exact moment of the mistake.

Papa's Living Restaurant, interior, foto: Libor Sváček

He named his studio Exphor (April 1992). The „ex", he explains privately, stands for extreme, and not in only one sense of the word. He points for example to his occassional work in extreme conditions, including lighting - iin the light of the moon, lightning, candles (his exposure often exceed one second, the results of which are then changes in the given colors - so-called Schwarzschild effect). Another extreme is his own professional character - he has admitted to digging a pit, so that the shimmer of a spider web could be microphotographically captured at the right angle and light.

And, not in the last place, it also marks the already mentioned extreme demands he makes on the quality of the photograph - compositionally as well as what can be obtained from the best technology and material.

Flake among three hairs, foto: Libor Sváček

Moreover, he is a Krumlov patriot. he perceives his town as incomparibly inspiring, practically an inexhaustible source of romantic discoveries, light transformations, moods. His town is to him what Prague is to her enchanted photographers. And this is good, because Český Krumlov deserves it. In 1994 he had an exposition in the Český Krumlov Town Theatre, which he entitled „Photographs in the drawer".

 Vltava River in Český Krumlov, in the mist, foto: Libor Sváček
At the present time, Libor Sváček continues in his photography in the above mentioned themes, in cooperation with the firm Unios which publicizes his works in their representative publications, guide books and calendars. In 1997 during a meeting of the directors of South Bohemian information centers, his work was recognized as the nicest postcards in the South Bohemian region of 1997. Ing. Libor Sváček won first and second prize with the postcards Šumava - Nová Pec and Český Krumlov. He is also the author of a cycle of poetic postcards which capture the picturesque curves of Český Krumlov and surroundings, the interior of Český Krumlov Castle and others. Here he has been able to catch the unique atmosphere of the town characterized by its historic color, and then pass it to others by his own pictures. He also documents significant cultural and social events on the local and international level, music festivals, the Festival of the five-petalled Rose, etc.

Last but not least, Libor Sváček is one of the creators of the project of the Official Information System of the Český Krumlov Region, and his work on this project can be seen at its internet address of Český Krumlov - Castle, Town, and Region.

(With use of the article: Karel Fabel, Fotograf dlouhých expozicí, U&Ř, 4/95, s. 44 - 47.)

Ing. Libor Sváček, foto: Zdena Flašková 
Contact :
Ing. Libor Sváček
Kaplická 194 / Kaplická 3/3 privat
381 01 Český Krumlov
tel: +420 380 711 597 (studio),
+420 380 713 200 (privat),
+420 380 712 337 (faxmodem/Penzion Ingrid)
GSM: +420 602 428 001


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