Jiří Anderle

Born March 26, 1971 in Jindřichov Hradec

Father, Jiří Anderle, forest technician. Mother, Zdeňka Anderlová born Vaněčková, nurse. Grammar school in Vyšší Brod from 1977-85, Middle industrial transportation school in Prague from 1985-89. After graduation, begins to work with Czechoslovakian State Railways from 1. Sept. 1989. Here we works as a railway laborer - switchman and assistant machinist. From October 1990 to April 1992 carries out his basic military service with the military railway systém. Later he returns to CSR to work as a railway laborer - boilerman, brakeman, and engineer on freight and personal transport trains, and engineer on motor and one-way electirc lines. Begins as an electrician from 1. April 1996 with a Czech energy factory at the Lake Lipno hydroelectric plant.

Since middle school, he has taken a deep interest in the history of railway systems in his hometown area and surroundings. Later he became interested in the general history of the Vyšší Brod area. He is not a member of any political party, but is a founding, full, or former member of a number of public associations, for instance the Association of Railway Historians in Prague, Club of the Friends of Jindřichohradecký narrow rails in Jindřichův Hradec, Club of the Friends of Vyšebrodské Rails in Vyšší Brod, Association for the preservation of the horse-drawn railway in Bujanov, Stocker - klub České Budějovice, and the Historian club of České Budějovice.

In Vyšší Brod he is the co-founder of the Vyšebrodské Historic Association (of which he is chairman), and is also the leader of the Amateur Theatre Association Hrudkováček. Whenever possible, he is involved with public life in his town, where he helps organize cultural and social events. He is also one of the main organizors for one-time events such as the celebration for the re-granting of the town statute for the city of Vyšší Brod in 1994, as well as traditional and annual events such as the Market and Fair of St. Bartoleměj (est. 1995), Vyšší Brod Theatre Days (est. 1995), and others. Since 1993 he has been the editor of the local monthly bulletin „Vyšebrodský zpravodaj", and is a member of the municipal commission for the regeneration of the Municipal Historical Zone of Vyšší Brod.

Contact :
Jiří Anderle
Hrudkov 41
782 83 Vyšší Brod
tel.: +420 380 746 336+420 380 746 621

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