Helena Braunová

Born September 23 1943 near Kladno

Upon completion of middle school, she worked for a short time in the largest company of the time, associated steelworks Poldi Kladno.

In a search for something different, she left for Šumava, where in a certain agricultural enterprise she met with her future husband. This man meant a lot for her, as he showed her a way to a completely different life. He taught her to recognize cruel reality as well as a rough countryside where only those who don't see the hard dilemma survive, or perhaps those who are stronger, maeaning in this case more voracious.

Her husband came from Český Krumlov, so she also got to know this beautiful little town. She moved here, and in one very old house first began to notice strange happenings. The house began to speak to her. At first she didn't understand, and was quite afraid and wanted to leave. When she finally gave in to this secret resident, however, she began to be fond of this town above the river and eventually fell in love with the entire area. She stayed. Her first stories are situated in the Šumava and Český Krumlov surroundings.

In the past she wasn't permitted to publish, because the socialist government of the time didn't recognize ghosts and had no desire to. She had to wait to publish her first works about Český Krumlov for over thirty years. The author of Český Krumlov mysteries still continues to record the tales of her husband.

Helena Braunová is the author of the following publications :
Šumavské pověsti, Český Krumlov, 1991
Českokrumlovské tajemno, Kopp České Budějovice, 1997

Contact :
Helena Braunová
Latrán 67
381 01 Český Krumlov
tel.: 00420 337 2694

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