PhDr. Eva Davidová, CSc

Born in Prague, where she grew up and went to school. Worked there until 1976 in the Sociological Office of the Academy of Science and elsewhere. She is an ethnographer, sociologist, and art historian, specializing on ethnic process and nationalities, especially the Romany situation. She has published several books and professional articles, and possesses the most extensive collection of Romany songs in the country. She is a member of several Czech and international professional organizations, for exapmle Gypsy Lore Society, where she is presently a member of the Board of Directors. She moved to Český Krumlov with her family 22 years ago, in 1976. In addition to her own research and museum work, she was the regional conservationist here for historical monument care for 15 years.

At the present time she works at the Museum of Romany Culture in Brno, which she helped to found in 1991, and also gives seminars on Romany culture at the University in Olomouc. She often participates in international conferences and seminars, where she is invited as an expert of the Council of Europe.

From her main published works :
Bez kolib a šiatrov, Košice 1965
Cesty Romů - Romanodrom 1945 - 1990, Olomouc 1995

Contact :
PhDr. Eva Davidová, CSc
Parkán 113
381 01 Český Krumlov
tel.: 00420 337 4369

List of articles :
Romanies in Český Krumlov


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